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Each month, I speak to thought leaders around the world on how to have a healthy relationship with Self, whilst balancing fulfilling relationships in every aspect of your life.

In episode 3, I chat with Jamie Gonzalez. Jamie kept crossing my mind to invite on the show for some time now. When a mutual contact suggested an introduction, I jumped at the chance to speak with this conscious man!

Jamie Gonzalez is an inspirational speaker, honest writer, and wholehearted mentor on Limitless Living. He has spent the past few years traveling between Australia and the US working with clients ranging from top corporate companies to your average every day person looking to integrate Limitless Living into their own lives. Jamie supports people in getting themselves out of the
way, letting go of fear, and living limitlessly. 


+ Jamie's incredible spiritual journey from real estate mogul and night club owner to the Limitless Living mentor he is today

+ Being an authentic leader who lives their truth in the self help industry

+ Letting go of labels and expectations to be your TRUE self

+ His tips for staying plugged into who you are

+ Busting myths around relationships and how to let go of need

+ PLUS: Jamie answers YOUR questions!

Connect with Jamie - 

Website: www.jamiegonzalez.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/JAMIE_GONZALEZ/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/iamjamiegonzalez

Twitter: www.twitter.com/Jamie_Gonzalez

What is your biggest take away from today's episode? We would love to hear it, share with us in the comments below.

Thank you so much for listening!

In love and gratitude
Fiorella x


Spiritual Single Searching

On a summer’s morning late last year, I found myself sitting on one of my favourite beaches in the world. I desperately needed to collect my thoughts and ground my energy after a whirlwind love affair with yet another charismatic, intellectual, sexual male. My heart yearned for answers and a sense of certainty it simply could not have. Thoughts danced around in my mind like whirling dervishes and I began to seek solace from all the activity.

The sea has been my most loyal lover since I can remember. Whenever I need to recharge my soul, find stillness or feel a deeper sense of wellness, I head straight to the sand and enjoy the water running over my feet. On this particular morning, I decided a meditation on the beach was exactly what the witch doctor ordered. Guidance from my Inner Mentor began to flood through as soon as I closed my eyes, and I was filled with a sense of relief.

Inner Mentor: “The answer is, there is no answer.”  

Ego: “But I need to know… have I found my beloved? Will we be together?”

Inner Mentor: “The answer is… there is no answer.”

Ego: “Oh…”

Inner Mentor: “Gently open your eyes… It’s ok… You’re not cheating yourself out of your meditation… You’ve always deeply related to the energy of dogs… Observe them now as they strut up and down the beach… Tell me… What do you see them doing…?”

Ego: “Ummm… They’re wagging their tails…?”

Inner Mentor: “Yes… However, their main focus is on the ball the master is throwing into the distance… See how they focus on life, one ball at a time, with focused intention… All the while, wagging their tails with joy… You have allowed fear and anxiety to rule your life for far too long… The answer… Is… There is no answer… Allow more playfulness to enter your life, take each day, each moment as it comes… Do not race to the finish line any longer… Do you truly still fear being alone…? Have you ever really been truly alone…? Have you not always been surrounded by people who care and support you? Being a single woman should not induce a state of panic in your soul any longer precious one…”

Ego: “……………………………..”

After this download, it seemed to me as though time had come to a complete standstill as I continued to watch the gorgeous beasts run up and down the beach: focused, yet joyful.

What an epiphany. It was possible to want things, to have goals and dreams, and yet do it in a way that didn’t bring about the complete and utter destruction of my adrenal system. One thing I will forever be thankful to that particular lover for is injecting a much needed sense of fun and spontaneity into my life. In the personal development biz, we tend to take everything so fucking seriously a lot of the time. It can be truly exhausting living up to ideals of health, wealth and love, that we forget to actually enjoy life along the way.

The answer truly is there is no answer. And yet we cling often so desperately to a lover, a diet, a workout routine, a meditation practice, a material object… to provide us with the answers we seek. It’s not a very comforting concept, I know, I hear you. Clients so often tell me that they find the Eastern ideals of non attachment seductive, yet frustrating, as we are perfectly imperfect beings filled with wants and desires.

If I look back over my life, there’s so much that I’ve accomplished, but don’t ever take real stock of. I’d bet my last cent on the fact that you, as you’re reading this, don’t either. My invitation to us both is to stop always looking for god damn answers and have more fun – regardless of our relationship status, bank balance or body shape. I vow we focus on the next ball, wag our tails and enjoy the sand on our noses in the process. There truly is nothing more powerful than focused intention tempered by the lightness of appreciating each moment.

Spiritual, Single and Searching

Fiorella xo


Cassie Mendoza-Jones


Each month, I speak to thought leaders around the world on how to have a healthy relationship with Self, whilst balancing fulfilling relationships in every aspect of your life.

In episode 2, I chat with Cassie Mendoza-Jones. I’ve known of this amazing woman’s work for some time now, but it was at a writer’s workshop last year that we were truly able to connect. Her passion for a juicy relationship with self really peaked my interest, and she’s written a hot book about it titled ‘It's All Good’.

Cassie has a soft spot for fellow perfectionists and a focuses on energy and emotions, using a combination of kinesiology, coaching and naturopathy to support clients in getting clear on their next steps, and increasing their clarity, confidence and energy.


+ The reason Cassie stopped trying to be 'perfect' and got real with herself

+ Why we constantly play the comparison game and hacks to STOP doing it

+ Busting ‘manifesting’ myths and how to truly make the process work for you

+ Creating a healthy sense of self in a committed, nourishing relationship

+ How to keep that sexy spark alive

+ The key to realising a new you can be born through the fire of failure

+ PLUS: Cassie answers YOUR questions!

Connect with Cassie - 

Website: www.cassiemendozajones.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/cassiemendozajones/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cassiemendozajones/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cmendozajones


Thank you so much for listening!

In love and gratitude




Matthew Hussey

Before any event, my own or someone else’s, I always get this completely irrational need to pee. I know that I’ve already been to the bathroom, and that once the lights go up, I’ll be fine. It still gets me every single time, even when I try to NLP myself out of it. Last November, I went to see one of my long time mentors give a talk. I looked at one of my soul sisters who came with me, sighed and said “I’ll be right back” with a knowing smile. “Be quick!” she said, as she knew I was super excited to see the man of the hour speak.

I walked out of the auditorium with haste and excitement, when BANG! I bumped into the man himself on the way to a very similar mission. This man was speaker, New York Times Bestselling author, columnist for Cosmopolitan Magazine, and dating expert Matthew Hussey. His work has provided so much inspiration in my life both personally and professionally. We exchanged sheepish glances and he surprised me with a warm and friendly “Hey!” I’m sure I squeaked the same greeting back, I can’t be exactly sure… He didn’t come across as arrogant or rude or awkward – in fact he was exactly as he comes across on his social media channels. This is always such a pleasant surprise.

The biggest surprise however came when he opened his talk by saying that if we were expecting 'woo woo self help', we were in the wrong place. This struck a chord with me immediately. You see, both Matthew and I coach from a place of practicality. If it’s not easy to implement or understand, there’s no way a client will take a coaching tool into their daily lives. Relationships, good ones and one’s worth staying in, don’t just fall out of the sky. Love is where a relationship starts, the work is where they continue.

He sympathized with the audience of 99% women in their twenties and thirties, as dating has become so complicated this day in age. Singles are constantly bombarded with advice such as “do something different”, “look your best”, “it’s what’s inside that counts”, “be honest… but don’t talk about the future!” Where is the face palm emoji when you need it… when I speak with clients personally, I get the sense that dating has almost become hard work or a chore. Matthew said that his aim for the next three hours was to make dating fun again and bring a sense of calm to the process. For many women, there is a biological panic around timelines.

The best way to do this? Create something of value, as the marketplace rewards value. Matthew went on to quote comedian Steve Martin: “Be so good they cannot ignore you”.

Allow me to share with you Matthew’s three step approach to a better dating experience and hopefully higher quality matches. It’s something I’ve been sharing with my clients and applying to my own love life!


When you feel like you have options, and aren’t so restricted, we make better decisions. I’ve watched so many people, myself included, accepting awful behavior ‘in the name of love’.

Matthew asked us to change our perspective on the dating climate, and positioned it as the best time ever to find a match, as people have lost a sense of community and tribe, so that we’re starved of real depth and connection. We seem to think that men were so different and gentlemanly ‘back in the day’. His response? “If men could have sent dick pics 100 years ago, they would have.” Touche.

This means that less people are actually able and willing to show up and engage with each other, which creates an opportunity for us to take risks and chances that other singles wouldn’t. In his research, he had found that men are holding back and not talking to the women they’re attracted to.

There is a common misconception that women need to ‘play hard to get’. Matthew argued that this is pointless and gets people nowhere. His recommendation? Be easy in the first five seconds, drop the handkerchief as it were, and allow the opportunity to create itself.

It was heartening to hear Matthew state that dating apps are not the best place to create options. Instead, you can meet people anywhere, anytime – it doesn’t even have to be in a nightclub. As I write this, I just met a man recently on the drive home. We chatted at the red light, and he boldly yet in a gentlemanly manner, asked for my number. It can truly happen when and where you least expect it, but you have to be open to that opportunity.

The biggest take home out of this section then? Get off your phone and out into the real world!


A huge learning for me was the amount of women present that day who had no idea how to flirt. Perhaps being of Latin origin, it’s something I’m a born natural at! It was fascinating to watch as Matthew took women up on stage to teach them how to get a man’s attention using eye contact only. A summary of his advice:

1.     The look: make eye contact for 1-2 seconds, then look away. Have another look, this time for 3-5 seconds, then look away.

2.     Proximity: if you’re in a crowded venue, get closer to the person that you’re interested in. 30% more males will say or do something if they don’t have to cross the room.

3.     Say something: don’t be afraid to be the one to start the conversation.

Matthew often hears women say, “it’s different for me, I can’t do that, I have kids/am recently divorced etc etc.” You can flirt and make connections regardless of age or circumstance. Baggage is as heavy as you make it.

The best way to create these attractions is to turn up the volume on the parts of yourself that have been turned down. We all have a unique pairing that makes us interesting and attractive to another person, two qualities that seem opposite in theory, but are quite complimentary. For example, safety AND excitement. Independent AND playful. Sexy AND feminine. Have a think about your own unique pairing of qualities and own it!


This is the point of the afternoon where I felt I had been punched in the stomach – you know that sick feeling you get when you hear someone speak or read in a book that life lesson you really needed to hear? Well, the standards part definitely spoke to me as well as my soul sister. It was all we could do to not laugh and cry at the same time about how applicable it all was!  

Matthew very passionately stated to the room that accepting behavior that is beneath us has to stop. The wrong type of men will try to get what they can based on how little they have to give. His most urgent message was for the room to start saying no to the wrong type of guys more quickly.

We tend to find a way to convince ourselves that “it’s different”. The truth is, it’s not. When a man says you can’t be together, for whatever reason, listen to them. They will wriggle out of effort and quite honestly, you’re a fool to wait for that change, as life is far too short.

In the early stages of dating, it’s incredibly important to meet the man where he’s at. Don’t jump two or three steps ahead. Match his messaging style and level of interaction.

Moreover, when he behaves in a way that doesn’t make you feel valued, make him feel the consequence now, or you will feel it later.

The best way to encourage higher standards in your dating life? Matthew says you have to realise that YOU are the asset.

Over the course of the afternoon, Matthew shared many ancedotes from his personal life, which we all greatly appreciated. It was hard to imagine that this confident, successful and handsome man once struggled to find his own dates. He was always ‘the nice guy’ or ‘the friend’. He only ever went out with women who approached him, and he accepted taking whoever picked him, and not the other way around. Thankfully, he has since realized that this doesn’t work!

See yourself as the prize and know the value that you will bring into a relationship with you. This is the sexiest and most empowered place to date from!

My girlfriend and I left that afternoon having laughed, cried and even danced our way into a higher state. I hope that by sharing Matthew’s work you can create those opportunities, enjoy those attractions and raise your standards higher than ever.

In love and gratitude





Fiorella Klein Stef Sifandos

Welcome to the all new Fiorella Klein show!

Each month, I speak to thought leaders around the world on how to have a healthy relationship with Self, whilst balancing fulfilling relationships in every aspect of your life.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to our first guest, Stef Sifandos. I came across him on social media a while back and was captivated by his powerful presence and ability to speak to self leadership and love with such consciousness and a great sense of humility.

Stef is an international speaker, author and coach. He is incredibly qualified, and holds, for example a degree in Behavioural Science and Philosophy, NLP, hypnosis, reiki, Ayurveda, life coaching and holistic health. However, Stef primarily considers himself a 'Relational Alchemist' - where he is able to achieve transformation in relationship through conscious connection.

We dive deep into:
- Stef's own shift from unconscious relationships to connecting on a deeper level with himself and future partners

- How to learn from 'mistakes' and seeing them as an opportunity for growth rather than beating ourselves up

- Strategies for men to balance their masculinity with their softer side

- Redefining the ego and embracing it as an important part of our soul

- Authenticity and bravery in the early stages of a new relationship

- Busting myths around what a 'conscious man' is or is not

- The importance of communicating intention to your partner


Connect with Stef - 
Website: www.stefsifandos.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/stefsifandos/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/stefsifandos/
Twitter: www.twitter.com/stefsifandos

What is your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? We would love to hear it. Share with us in the comments below.

Thank you so much for listening!

In love and gratitude

Fiorella Klein



spiritual single searching

Spiritual, Single & Searching was born out of a feeling of wanting to share the wild ride from troubled wife, to finding love again in my mid-thirties, whilst not wanting to settle - ever. I believe in leading by example and have come to learn that my purpose, passion, vision and mission in life is to teach others to love themselves first and then love their partner – fiercely.

To those kind souls who have said to me, “let it go, it will happen when you least expect it”, I say the following:

When you are hungry, all you can think of is food to fill your belly.

When you are poor, your only concern is finding a way to pay the next bill.

When you are overweight, you count calories until you become cross eyed.

When your next career opportunity comes along, you burn the midnight oil to prepare.  

As I’ve said before, I was born a lover.

Rather than come from a place of desperation or longing, I’m loving myself more deeply than ever before.

I’m open to advances from men who are worthy of me and I of them.

No longer do I engage in scarcity mentally or worry about ending up a lonely cat lady (although I do love a good-looking feline!).

I hope these stories inspire you to keep loving, yourself and others. Part Carrie Bradshaw confessional, part Danielle La Porte ‘no bullshit, you’ve got this babe’, my wish is that by sharing my journey of calling in my king, you can learn from the mistakes I’ve proudly made!

My ex-husband is a part time model, full time construction worker. Cliché, I know. His latest campaign is up on a shop window in Bondi Beach, on the main road that I navigate my heart and car around these days.

If this blog were a TV sit com, the opening scene would zoom in on my smiling face, full of joy on the way to another date, to meet yet another seemingly ‘conscious man’. I would give a friendly wave to the frozen image of my ex as I drove past his billboard, knowing that we were both somehow in on the joke of how bizarre this all was. All of the changes that have transpired since we separated lives almost two years ago now, but both of us the better for it.

But back to the opening scene of me in the car. I found parking right outside a hipster health food restaurant, to meet my most recent adventure in love: a blonde Bondi Brit, *Alistair. I didn’t find him physically attractive, but was drawn in by our countless common interests and ability to chew the fat on anything from quantum physics to our favourite album’s from the 90’s. The fact that my mentor also taught him Vedic meditation was a huge point in his favour, although we didn’t actually meet through him (the coincidences that have come to pass through my love life do not cease to cause me some serious wonder).

So my divine intervention and a lesson from the universe?

Pay attention. A man will reveal his red flags within the first date. Seriously, pay attention, please.

Alistair was four months fresh out of a broken engagement, I had a strong intuition that he was not looking for a relationship. He confirmed my suspicion at the end of our first date. Once we had spent a lovely night consisting of great food, amazing conversation and kissing, of course. When I gave him an off the cuff compliment, his response was "whatever you do, don't fall in love with me". Yes, that would have been the moment to pay attention!

We both looked at each other wistfully and with respect, at what could have been, had we been on the same page. Him: casual dating that allowed him to fuck other women. Me: simply enjoying each other’s company, not rushing anywhere, exclusively.

At this point in the episode, the viewer really hopes that they manage to work things out. And unfortunately, that’s exactly what we attempted. Like two magnets, we kept contacting each other, and agreed to go out to dinner again with the delusion that we had crossed over to reason. Him: she’s up for casual. Me: he’s open to seeing where it goes, exclusively.

Our second date ended with us passing smouldering grandfather sage over each other’s aura’s to cleanse the energy (all my spiritual girls moaned with envy when I told them, as it was his idea) and our third date consisted of a vegetarian degustation dinner with matching juices for each course (no, I’m not kidding). He didn’t drink alcohol or coffee, smoke or take drugs. He was gluten, sugar and dairy free. He made me laugh hysterically. He was incredibly intelligent and aroused me mostly with his quick witted mind. He went to a weekly men’s group. He meditated twice a day. Can you hear the sound of the boxes going tick, tick, tick?

The one deal breaker? His complete avoidance of commitment at forty-three years of age.

By the third date, enough oxytocin had been released around him that I began to find him more physically attractive. What I also found very attractive was how much he seemed to desire me. Women want to be hunted and desired. The tea he had made us in his apartment was left to cool down altogether as we allowed all reason to fly out the window…

Once back on the couch, we listened to music until late. He played the guitar, I sang along and wore his t-shirt. When the question of me spending the night came up, the look on his face was one of utter horror, and all sense of unity disappeared as quickly as a sun shower. “Umm… sure… as long as you know this isn’t heading towards a relationship.”

Remember what I said about the red flags? I really hope you’re paying attention, dear reader, and save yourself this kind of humiliation. It’s the main reason I share these stories with you, after all. I walked out of his apartment and requested that he never contact me again.

It seemed a cheap pass on his request to let him know I got home safely.

My simple advice and universal learnings:

Communicate openly and honestly about what you’re looking for, and if it doesn’t match up, there are plenty more fish in the sea baby. Never assume that the person you’re dating has magically changed their mind, unless you’ve had a conversation that confirms this. And most of all pay attention often, as actions speak louder than words.   

The episode would end with a shot of me driving home on Bondi Road, winking at the billboard of my ex, and saying “better luck next time, eh?!”.

Spiritual, Single & Searching



*Alistair's name has been changed to ensure that this article is written more as a tool for growth rather than shaming the person… as Queen B sings, ‘My momma taught me better than that’.



Sometimes, when you’re unsure of what next step to take, the best thing to do, is to stop...

After my recent ‘David experience’, I’ve gingerly attempted to interact with other men romantically, with no great success. I’ve asked my closest circles if romance is perhaps dead…? It seems that gone are the days of red roses and love songs, and enter stage left the breath taking effort of a text message that simply says (wait for it…) “hey”. Insert face palm emoji here…

I’m in the fortunate position of having an army of wonderfully supportive, loving and truly fierce women in my life. I am practically drowning in them. In no way do I mean to sound ungrateful, for without them, I don’t know how I would make it through daily life. However, I miss the days of my misspent youth where that same army was a bunch of smelly rocker dudes who I would drink beer and play pool with, laugh at smutty jokes and discuss which band we would see play that weekend.  

We all require a certain amount of balance in our lives of who we spend time with, and whilst Mr Fiorella presents himself (read: I’m in a self imposed dating hiatus), it seems the Universe has heard my plea for masculine energy. I have some amazing brothers who have come (or come back) into my life. Whilst not one is based in my city, I know that I could call each of them in their time zone and be truly supported.

It’s often debated whether friendship with a member of the opposite sex can work. Lines can blur or unrequited affections can become increasingly painful over time. I’ve found it’s best to be upfront and draw a clear line in the sand from early on and take that person as they are (this is in fact the secret to any relationship). For me, spending time with males who I’ve no intention of becoming involved with is an incredibly healing way of delving into that yang energy, without getting burned.

Two of my favourite ‘brother’s from other mother’s’ came into my life in completely different ways, yet I trust them both implicitly and feel that they see a slightly different side to me than my girlfriends do.  

The Brother

Jerry* and I met through my best friend, who insisted that I contact him when I moved for a spell to London last year. Although we’d met before, it took hearing his Aussie twang in that lonely, grey city to see clearly the warmth and sincerity that flew out of his every pore. The fact that he had a girlfriend and I was in the early days of a troubled relationship made it easy for us to move straight into the friend’s zone and never look back.

Spending time together was as easy as breathing, and the more abusive and torturous things turned with my former flame, the more pissed off Jerry became. I found it so sweet (still do) how frustrating he found my some what questionable choices in men. He became a haven for me during one of the worst times in my life, with no close friends or family around me, and that loyalty is something I’ll never forget. Our online chats are hilarious (with lots of Aussie slang) and we always catch up for dumplings when he’s back in town. My favourite part of our friendship? He’s offered to be my personal ‘dating app’ for guy advice and approval when choosing a new partner. It comes in very handy and I truly wonder if he’s lived to regret that offer…!

The Ex Boyfriend

Michael* is my favourite ex boyfriend. I’ve never felt all my complex parts so seen, heard and understood as they were with him. Working together at an advertising agency 10 years ago, we struck up a close friendship straight away. Whilst my eyes were focused on all the ‘shiny peacocks’ in our department, he became my safe place at work and eventually after hours too. I remember sitting on some rocks at the beach late one night, when he confessed his feelings towards me. His persistence paid off and we dated for close to a year. Once the relationship ended and the dust had settled a bit, to our mutual surprise, we became best friends. We would tell each other about our romantic escapades and bond over music, movies, books, art and philosophy.

Things took a strange turn, and we found ourselves becoming friends with benefits. Neither of us wanted to be in a relationship with the other again, but we were so familiar and connected, that it was the best of both worlds. As they often do, this arrangement came to a grinding halt when I decided I just couldn’t take the pain and confusion anymore. Over the years we drifted apart, lost touch and this saddened us both. It’s my belief that all relationships go through different stages of healing and incarnations, as people grow and evolve.

After reconnecting on Facebook a few years back, we’ve been lightly touching base and reconnecting slowly. Recently, we got the urge to have a Skype call and swap stories about my life in Sydney and his in Vienna. I don’t think either one of us was expecting it to last three hours, or for it to feel like no time had passed, or to be able to have a truly healthy friendship once again. He will always have a place in my life, and I in his, for this kind of kindredship does not come along every day.

Let this month’s post serve as an open love letter to all those friends we have of the opposite gender who provide the yin to our yang or yang to our yin. May they know the juiciness and fraternity/sisterhood they bring to our lives, without the complication of love or expectation.

Spiritual, single and searching,



*Brother's names have been changed to protect their identity. Their written consent of this content on Messenger implies that they're ok with what I wrote... I hope...


Fiona Horne

"I'm grateful for the good times,

I'm even more grateful for the bad times" - Fiona Horne

Growing up as a Catholic school girl in the Nineties was no mean feat, as I felt completely out of place amongst my peers. More interested in expressions of spirituality than manicures, I sought my solace amongst the esoteric books of the store where I worked as a teenager. One of the authors who influenced me the most was none other than Fiona Horne.

Fiona launched a career in the entertainment industry as the lead singer of Aussie electro-rock band Def FX, before authoring several best-selling books internationally about modern Witchcraft. 

In her forthcoming autobiography, 'The Naked Witch', Fiona shares her fascinating story for the first time. From growing up in Sydney in the Seventies and finding a sense of acceptance in paganism, to the Nineties where she had Hollywood, and the world, at her fingertips.

Fast forward to today, and I am pinching myself to announce her as this month's guest on NOURISHED! I wonder if my fifteen year old self would believe me if I told her...

We discuss:

+ How Fiona came to be the face of modern Witchcraft

+ Her new book, 'The Naked Witch', how it illustrates her own journey of self-acceptance and tips for inviting it into your own life

+ Why being of true service is such a great tool for getting out of your own way

+ Fiona's changing relationship with money and how it's helped her lead a simpler life

+ Why meditation and mindfulness helped to keep her centred at the height of fame

+ The lessons we can learn from the teenagers and children in our lives

+ Her humanitarian work in her new US Virgin Island home

Find out more about Fiona: www.fionahorne.com

I'd love to know what you thought about our conversation in the comments below - how have you come to invite deeper levels of acceptance in your life?

Thank you for listening!

In love and gratitude




spiritual, single & searching p1

I was born a lover. I remember my father having to sit me down when I was five years old and asking if I could wait until I was six to have a boyfriend. This proved impossible, as Jean-Jac and I created a ‘love café’ on the swings of our kinder garden.

Since then, I have learnt so much from the opposite sex on my spiritual journey, both good and bad. These lessons will form part of a new monthly blog series, ‘Spiritual, Single & Searching’, that I hope will inspire you to keep loving.

Keep loving yourself first and foremost. Keep believing that you may meet someone truly special, simply walking down the street. And keep searching for your bliss – whatever that may look like.

“Were you at Eckhart Tolle last Thursday?”

The fact that a man would ask such a question took my breath away. This is the spiritual girl’s version of “you had me at hello”.

I met David* on Bumble, a modern dating app, touted as the modern feminists version of Tinder (yet another dating app), as women are required to make the first move. I found it attracted a very different type of man: confident, successful, open minded… but more on what I think of dating apps later.

David was an intoxicating combination of everything I thought I could ever want: born in Byron Bay (Australia’s most ‘conscious’ community), a successful entrepreneur, lived in a posh postcode, drove a Porsche, was supremely funny, a spectacular conversationalist and without any doubt in my mind: the best lover I had ever had.  

He came on strong in the beginning by ‘super liking’ my profile and being very affectionate and considerate with his messages. We ‘met’ on a Sunday morning and by Tuesday night we went out on our first date. I like a man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go for it. The night went mostly very well, as he seemed practiced in making a good first impression on a woman. Like rolling thunder clouds however, red flags started to pop up from early on. He made an incredibly rude criticism about my hair, had nothing but bad things to say about the partner of a friend of his we bumped into and seemed horrified by the mere mention of the word 'future' – with me or anyone else! I got into my car that evening feeling like I’d had a nice enough time, but wasn’t sure I’d hear from this seeming player again, and wasn’t too fussed either way.

I was wrong – 7am the following morning he was sending me romantic text messages about our date.  And so began a cat and mouse game that lasted for two months. He would chase, I would retreat, he would chase more, I would concede and seek connection, he would retreat completely.

I placed so much of my worth as a human being in his hands, and eventually the house of cards came tumbling down. At my core however, I am incredibly, deeply grateful for the experience. It has taught me so much about myself and what I deserve moving forward, lessons that I share with you in the hope that you can apply these to your own life – to realise just how strong and special you are.

Money isn’t everything

David literally owned every modern convenience that money could buy and enjoyed an incredibly lavish lifestyle. Yet he was an insomniac. He could stay awake through heavy duty sleeping pills and needed to sleep with noise cancelling head phones. When we would go out for dinner, he would be incredibly dissatisfied either with the wine, the food or the service – or all of the above. As most of his empire was run out of Asia, there were constant struggles with head office or a deal that was paining him.

My business mentor, Selena Soo, once told me that ‘there’s a devil at every level’. Whilst I have worked on so many of my own money blocks and become far more responsible with my financial health, I would never want to live a life that caused me so much stress and anxiety, that I constantly live in a state of seeking perfection in everything and everyone (good luck with that) - and therefore in a constant state of suffering. No amount of money is worth that. Note taken!

How to end a relationship mindfully

Prior to my arrival to host a meditation retreat in Bali, David was up to his old trick of pulling away and I could palpably feel it. It had been a few days since we’d spoken, so just before heading to dinner with our guests, I decided to call him. After fifteen minutes of exchanging awkward pleasantries, the truth came out: he had slept with another two women since we had been dating (if I can even believe that number).

My mentor Tom Cronin often talks about time slowing down, Matrix style, in moments of trauma once you’ve been meditating for some time. This is exactly what happened for me. I didn’t react outwardly, admonish him or cry. My lack of response threw him into a narcissists typical reaction – the blame game (more on that below). He told me it was my fault for assuming certain things and spoke in an aggressive tone that I had seen him use on other people, and knew that one day it would be my turn. Instead of becoming angry or becoming upset, I spoke in the calmest voice I could muster. I interrupted him and thanked him for being honest with me, as now I knew the truth of where we stood and could make my own decisions based on the facts. This completely took him by surprise and we decided to let the dust settle. In my mind however, it was over. He of course thought I would still be interested in his magnificence and attempted to rekindle things. I told him it had been a pleasure getting to know him and wished him all the best. He wished me all the best figuring men out (again, please see the definition of a narcissist below).

There is a deep satisfaction that comes from regaining your voice and power back, and not losing yourself to the emotion that comes from a painful situation. The next time you find yourself at the end of a losing battle, don’t match the person’s energy and desire for conflict. Drop in to stillness and discover how truly powerful that can be (and avoid the satisfaction of them seeing your tears!).

Desperately seeking narcissists

In her spectacular new book, ‘White Hot Truth’, Danielle LaPorte writes: “You know who can sniff out empathetic people like bloodhounds? Highly narcissistic people. You’d think that because empathetic people, particularly women, are more in tune with energy and our own feelings, that we’d know immediately when someone else has jacked into our life force and is sucking on it hard. But, since we’re committed to the journey and all, we just keep tolerating it.” David was a walking, talking definition of a narcissist: a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves. I think the fact that in Korea, people line up for his autograph, probably doesn’t help the situation any.

You’d think after my abusive relationship last year with a narcissist, I would have learnt my lesson. Growing up, I was always put in the middle of my family as the ‘peacemaker’. I came to believe that this was how I could win approval and praise, by ‘fixing’ things, people and situations. This is the same thinking I have been applying to my relationships. Narcissists are generally incredibly self-loathing by nature and require a lot of constant praise and attention to feel good about themselves. As such, they are incredibly emotionally unavailable and cat nip for someone like me who wants to heal those wounds. Well enough is enough. With you as my witness, I am ready to release expectations and preconceived notions, circular patterns and fearful emotions...

False dating economies

One of my closest girlfriends met her beautiful fiancé on Tinder – they are my favourite couple to hang out with, and have one the healthiest relationships I’ve ever witnessed. I’ve heard many success stories from dating apps, and how those connections have resulted in marriages and babies, or both. However personally, from January to June of this year, I’ve had nothing but disaster after disaster. David’s number one piece of advice for them is to ‘never assume’ when meeting people online. Well, didn’t those words come to ring in my ears later…

It’s my belief that in a city like Sydney, or any other big metropolis, it creates a false economy. It seems that the trend is now to date several people at the same time and even sleep them with all, until you can decide which one you’d like to pursue things more seriously with – if at all. My idea of dating is that you connect with one person at a time, give them the honour, time and respect they deserve. If you’re not feeling it, you’re free to move on to the next person. I don’t have much spare time for anything else! If a person knows that they can swipe 10 more dates by the end of the week, they don’t feel like they have to invest all that much energy into you. They’re probably chatting right now to a dozen other people, all for fear of missing out on what they next profile might bring. I’ve deleted them all from my phone and believe now in the power of putting my intentions for the right man on paper and doing the most magical thing of all now – letting go and trusting that the right person will come at the right time. In the meantime, there’s a lot of life to be lived! 

Heal your mommy/daddy issues

My father has always been a huge source influence for me and I placed him on a pedestal from a young age. Sadly, the last 10 years or so have seen crack after crack appear in the surface until our relationship became almost non-existent. It’s no coincidence that David reminded me in some ways of my father, and the closer he and I became, the less I would reach out to my dad. Not long after it was all over and I found myself in one of the darkest days of grief, I drove over to my parents place and sat down with him for a conversation I think neither of us will forget.

I decided to draw a line in the sand and forgive all of the past grievances I was holding so defiantly against him. He’s turning eighty-six this year and I’d really rather spend the twilight of his life enjoying his wit and intelligence, than resenting that he’s not Wayne Dyer incarnated. I don’t ever want to enter into another relationship again to try and sort out my ‘daddy issues’ – for now, if I have any, I’d rather just tell the man himself!

We’re stronger where we’re broken

If I’m going to share this story with you truthfully, then I need to also share the aftermath. Although I ultimately ended it, the pain of losing him ripped open so many old wounds: love equals disappointment, I must have done something wrong, I am unworthy of true love and I will end up alone. These thoughts and flashes of the good times would swirl and dance around my mind from dawn until dusk. For a few months, I retreated from the online world and from most of my friends to lick my wounds. It was a dark and scary time as I knew David was only the catalyst for needing to feel emotions I had stored deep down in my subconscious.

My pattern has also been to go back to my lover and ask for more punishment, rather than quit whilst I was ahead. This has been the first time that I not only haven’t contacted a man afterwards, I also rejected his pathetic attempt to contact me a month later. Friends and clients have asked me where I found the strength.

There comes a time where you have to realise what you’re worth, what your boundaries are and the vision of life you have for yourself.

Once you know those things, you can white knuckle it and train those neural pathways to hold out for bigger and better behavioural patterns.

Spiritual, single and searching,


*David's name has been changed to ensure that this article is written more as a tool for growth rather than shaming the person… as Queen B sings, ‘My momma taught me better than that’.


reece carter

"Become an active participant in your health" - Reece Carter

Reece Carter, also known as Herb Nerd Reece, is an author, naturopath and herbal medicine expert.

His passion for health, fitness and all things green is infectious, and inspired him to complete a Bachelors degree in Health Science. From the planter box to the pantry, this man has the answers.

This month sees Reece launching his book, The Garden Apothecary. We originally met at the book launch of an industry friend, his calm energy and obvious passion for wellness made it a no brainer to invite him to guest on NOURISHED. 

His work has featured in GQ, as well as in countless magazines, blogs and is a regular guest on Channel Seven's The Morning Show to talk all things nutrition and herbal health. 

We discuss:

+ How Reece fell in love with herbal medicine through his own health struggles

+ The role Eastern and Western medicine play in a wellness journey

+ Easy and practical remedies you can make at home

+ What you can expect to learn from his new book, 'The Garden Apothecary' (PS I'm no longer dating the Tom Ford face mask guy...! THAT story will feature in an upcoming blog post...)

+ Balancing the masculine and feminine energies within each of us

+ Reece's personal self care rituals and owning whatever mindfulness practice feels right - for you

Find out more about Reece at: http://www.reececarter.com.au/

I'd love to know what you thought about our conversation in the comments below - how does herbal medicine play a role in YOUR life?

Thank you for listening!

In love and gratitude



L'Erin Alta

L'Erin Alta is a spiritual teacher and leader, who has previously collaborated with the likes of the divine Danielle LaPorte. Believe me when I tell you that this is one powerhouse of a goddess, whose middle name is transformation.

I first met L'Erin when I worked as her co-ordinator for a Desire Map workshop a few years ago, and was taken aback by her wisdom, poise and grace. Fast forward to last year, during one of the toughest times in my life, I hired her as my very own coach to guide me on my journey.

It was an honour to interview her for the NOURISHED podcast, as I truly feel that what we dive deep into strikes at the heart of my clients and you: how to feel worthy.

We discuss:

+ L'Erin's journey from MAC make up artist to industry leader

+ Getting in touch with the 'wild woman' (or man) archetype and finding our voice, regardless of the 'picture perfect' image we create on social media

+ L'Erin's top tips for true transformation

+ How mindfulness plays a role in L'Erin's life

+ Ending destructive and toxic relationships with grace

Find out more about L'Erin at: http://www.sisterfire.com/

I'd love to know what you thought about our conversation in the comments below - how can YOU feel more worthy in your own life?

Thank you for listening!

In love and gratitude



NOURISHED with Luke McLeod

Luke McLeod first came to my attention as one of the partners of Australian entrepreneurial institution, The Entourage. He is now the founder of The Soul Society, whilst speaking and writing about blending business and soulfulness. After discovering we have very dear mutual friends in common, and a passion for consciousness, I knew this had to be my first ever male guest on the NOURISHED podcast.

Many of my clients struggle with romantic relationships and how to live in harmony with the man in their life. As such, this has been one of the juiciest interviews to date, as Luke and I sat down to discuss: 

+ Luke's own journey from entrepreneur to consciousness

+ The role his relationship with his mother played in him becoming a conscious man

+ Romantic relationships from a male 'problem solving' perspective!

+ Detaching from expectations around all relationships

+ The importance of getting on with your own life purpose when in a relationship

+ Thriving in a relationship when your man is not conscious or open minded

+ Balancing the masculine and feminine side in each of us

+ Letting go of control and softening into openness as often as possible

+ Luke's self-care rituals for men

Find out more about Luke at: soulsociety.com.au/

I'd love to know what you thought about our conversation in the comments below - what is one thing you're taking away about the man in your life?

Thank you for listening!

In love and gratitude



fiorella kis-major

Connie Chapman is a Life Coach,  Speaker and Writer empowering big dreamers and soul seekers to create lives they love. Connie is also the host of the top ranking podcast Awaken Radio, which shares heart-felt conversations and inspiring interviews with experts and thought leaders from all over the world.

Known    for    her    authentic,    honest    and    soulful    approach,   Connie's transformative work is all about re-connecting with your heart and inner wisdom,  embodying more peace,  creating a mind set that empowers you, and learning to truly accept and value yourself. 

During this intimate conversation, Connie draws on her own life experience and shares so much food for though. We discuss:

+ Connie's disconnection from self in her 20's and how she transitioned into awareness

+ Filling up your cup from the inside out, rather than using external wellness tools

+ The importance of giving yourself space to absorb and connect to stillness, and how to apply this when in a new relationship

+ Recognising self-sabotage patterns in yourself, how childhood trauma plays its part and Connie's tips to breakthrough

+ Stopping the glorification of busy-ness in order to feel what you need to feel and our relationship with discomfort

Find out more about this goddess at: www.conniechapman.com

Thank you so much for listening!

I'd love to know ONE thing you're taking away from episode in the comments below.

In love and gratitude



We've all been there. The relationship we'd outgrown a long time ago. The friendship that no longer feels in alignment. The job that feels toxic from the moment we walk in the door. We stay, we hold on, we meditate or pray - hoping that some key piece of the puzzle will magically fall in to place. If it did, it would somehow justify everything we'd been through.

The other day, I came across a photo of myself from about 18 months ago, and could not recognise the woman staring back at me. The look in my eyes, the strained smile, both hid (somewhat ineffectively) the sadness in my heart at not living or speaking my truth. A life of playing small, doing whatever I could to 'make things work' and absolutely betraying every whisper of my intuition. Until one day, I took the big step - and left that life.

Fast forward to now, where one of my dating adventures has come to an abrupt end. After four magical and passion fuelled weeks, things began to take a strange turn and I was asked to once again accept less than what I deserved. That old incarnation of me wanted so much to take it, to feast on scraps as I had become accustomed. However, this time, I said goodbye - even before I was ready to. This time, I knew to listen to the flashing red warning signs and the fact that this person was not ready to accept me entirely as I am.

Here's my radical realisation - I could feed into stories of abandonment in my head. Of feeling as though I had done something wrong, once again. Or, sit on the couch eating peanut butter ice cream and watch Netflix through streaming tears. Rather than pull out my Alanis Morissette albums or swear never to date again, I allowed myself to feel what I needed to feel. I went through a period of grieving what could have been, and then - I softened.

I've recently come across the concept of softening being a sign of spiritual maturity. Softening around the harsh edges. I thanked this man for inviting a feeling of love into my life that I had not experienced since my ex husband. I expressed gratitude for the good times that we had shared. We promised to always be there for each other, as we not only had mutual friends but lived close by to one another. This doesn't mean being in constant contact or holding out hope that something may change.

It's been a beautiful experience to honour myself, and to honour what transpired between us - with grace. If you're needing to say goodbye to something or someone, listen to your heart. However, rather than lash out and drag everyone around you down, soften into what you're grateful for about the experience. You don't have to tell the person directly, it could even be in a letter that remains unsent. It's amazing how much less stress it involves and clears the path for what a new day may bring into your life. The very definition of mindfulness in action.

Yours in softness





A deep, restful night's sleep is a powerful productivity tool, key to any self care practice and a natural mood enhancer. However, if it becomes increasingly elusive, it can be the source of a lot of stress, anxiety and dis-ease in the body. As our modern life places more and more demands on our nervous system, with access to information 24/7, lack of sleep and it's overall quality is becoming a common complaint. Amongst my own Wellness Coaching clients, it's a major cause of concern and a trickles into every other facet of their lives.

Personally speaking, I'm an incredibly light sleeper - the slightest noise from the local wildlife in my area or garbage truck wakes me up. The worst time for me is 3-4am. If I wake up at this witching hour, it's unlikely I'll get back to sleep until 5am, which is when I usually get up in any case. This in turn causes me to lie there, with thoughts looping around and become increasingly frustrated! My sleep quality drastically suffered when I first separated from my ex husband. The huge life changes and no longer having a warm body in the bed next to me meant that I was tired and drained all the time. 3am became an hour I learned to habitually dread.

It's no secret I'm a huge advocate of morning routine's as a way of powerfully starting your day. However this struggle with sleep has encouraged me to create my own night time ritual, and the difference it has made is truly life changing. This is in no small part because it's simple, effective and easy to implement - the three pillars of healthy and sustainable change. Take what resonates with you, leave behind what doesn't and even try implementing one or two of the tips below at a time.

My night time ritual:

1. Mighty Magnesium - One hour before going to sleep, I take 1 magnesium tablet. This complex promotes muscle relaxation, helps nervous tension and mild anxiety. As such, it's incredibly conducive to helping you not only fall but stay asleep.

2. Digital Detox - This hour prior to sleep is then dedicated to calming down my nervous system. My phone is switched to night mode and my laptop is shut down for the day. I also dim the lights in my bedroom and turn on my salt lamp, which assists with our circadian rhythms (the bodies biological clock). I might turn on some meditation music, or read my book - anything that calms my mind and doesn't involve a screen emitting blue light on my face!

3. Tea Time - Whilst I'm winding down, I make myself a cup of Evening Tea. There are plenty of brands that make a herbal blend to promote relaxation, and this particular one is made up of Lemon Balm, Fennel, Chamomile, Lime Tree, Peppermint and Lavender. It never ceases to amaze me how half way through the cup, each time, my eye lids begin to droop!

4. Lavender Love - This is the newest addition to my ritual, and it makes me feel so incredibly nourished. I place 1 drop of Lavender oil on the soles of my feet, the middle of my chest, my temples and finally on my pillow. Touching my body in this way, slowly and lovingly rubbing the oil in, really encourages deep feelings of self care. We often underestimate the power of smell, and I'm quickly realising that my body now associates the oil with the thought 'lights out!'.

Since incorporating this ritual in my life, I've noticed that I now not only stay asleep, but the quality is so much deeper. As a business owner, I love what I do and who I serve - but like all of us, my average day pulls me twenty different directions! Dedicating this last hour to stillness and softness means that I am falling asleep with a gentle smile on my face, rather than allowing my mind to pull me into stories of the past or future.

Here's to you taking some time out this evening and creating a ritual of your very own. I'd LOVE to hear from you in the comments below - what's 1 tool that you'll be trying out tonight?

Inspire a soul sister to create a ritual of their own, press share below xo

In love and gratitude




Chef Danielle Shine is a Natural Foods Chef, Hay House author, TV presenter,  health coach and yoga teacher - my kinda woman!

She worked for many years in the fast-paced world of international fashion and entertainment PR in London. Although she loved her job it didn’t love her back – extremely long hours coupled with never ending demanding projects caused Danielle to fall out of tune with herself and her body.  

Over the course of a couple of years, Danielle re-modelled herself from the inside out, emerging as a healthier, happier, more mindful and passionate human being. 

She lives between London, New York and Sydney cooking her way down a path more purposeful and joyous.   

During this intimate conversation, Danielle draws on her own life experience as a wife and business woman about to launch her first book. We discuss:

+ Why women fall out of tune with their bodies

+ Following your intuition on your journey, even when loved ones disagree

+ Busting the myth between self-ishness and self-lessness, and softening those feelings of guilt

+ Chef Shine's personal self-care rituals - that are non negotiable!

+ 'Upper limit problems' and why we have feelings of not being worthy

+ Looking at who surrounds you and deciding whether their company nourishes you... or not

+ Why our gut health is directly related to our emotions

+ How to make natural food simple and easy

For great recipes and inspiration on conscious living, visit her online home: http://danielleshine.com/

Thank you so much for listening!

I'd love to know ONE thing you're taking away from episode in the comments below.

In love and gratitude



    Thursday night has become sacred in my calendar. No clients. No social engagements. No technology. It has become the night that I date myself AKA #solodatenight

    This new ritual was created out of the fact that I give of myself so much on a daily basis (as many of us feminine, nurturing types do) and felt that there was no space in the week to be with myself.

    We've become so accustomed to filling up every single inch of our lives, with no breathing space to allow everything to integrate. As a woman going through a divorce, I also discovered that I was running away from feelings that I didn't particularly want to feel. Spending this 'quality time' alone has allowed the harsh edges to soften and heal.

    As I've become so vocal and passionate about this night across social media, I'm often asked by my clients for examples of what to do when you date yourself! 

    Might I suggest that you:

    • Read that book you've heard so much about and create a sanctuary around the experience. Pictured above is one of my very first solo date nights on a cool Spring evening last year. 
    • Go to the movies and watch something that lifts you up or allows you to indulge in a part of yourself that rarely gets a chance to play. I went to see 'Fifty Shades of Gray' this Valentine's Day, and had an absolute blast!
    • Turn your bathroom into a day spa and put on a face mask, exfoliate every inch, do your own mani/pedi or put a nourishing treatment in your hair. Personally, it feels like an exercise in self-love to do it this way, and connect with your own body - rather than paying someone else to do it.
    • Treat yourself to that cafe or restaurant you've been dying to try. Dates can also be a daytime activity of course! I've explored dining in and enjoying eating my lunch in peace whilst people watching, or taking away and having a picnic on the beach.
    • Soak in some culture at your local art gallery and wander the aisles as a practice in mindfulness. Absorb yourself in the moment, the painting, the colours and you.
    • Combine dating and wellness with a bush walk and connect to nature, especially if you're in an office all day. Search for the 'must do' walks of your city - I've often discovered coves, bays and forests I never even knew existed!
    • Go to a concert - alone. We're often afraid of venturing out at night to an event without a partner or friend. I recently went to a Deva Premal concert solo, and found it a liberating experience. Sushi dinner beforehand, followed by her stunning voice was simply divine. The concert ran a little too late for me, and I was able to leave when I wanted, without upsetting anyone!

    Single ladies: think of all the things you've always wanted to do with a partner, and do them solo.

    Loved up ladies: take some time away from your beloved to connect back to your essence. Your partner will find you all the more attractive for doing so!

    Let the limitations die around always needing to take care of something or someone else. Feelings of guilt will inevitably arise. You may be tempted to listen to them and put this email in the 'too hard' folder. But don't. Space is true medicine for the heart and solo date nights are such a juicy way to fill up your own cup. To serve from a place of being full, rather than empty and resentful. 

    In love and gratitude



    As Danielle LaPorte, author of 'The Desire Map' and all round spiritual bad ass, walked on to the stage in Sydney last week - I couldn't help but notice her shoes. Not only were they edgy and elegant (two words I would also use to describe her), she used them to walk around with such infectious confidence and purpose. It was as though they would come to form the very foundation of her building for the night - and it began with the word 'hungry'. She opened by asking us, her audience, what we were hungry for. One woman responded "conscious men". I couldn't agree more...

    One of the reasons this woman has become a mentor and spirit animal to me in equal parts is her raw authenticity, matched with practicality. Early on she warned us against keeping laundry lists of self-help tools that we needed to purchase and hide behind. Furthermore, she confessed her reliance in the past on placing too much power in the hands of 'gurus', having sat at the feet of many monks and shamans. It's long been a concern of mine how in the wellness/personal development space there is an over reliance on external approaches such as juicing, colonics, and apps to cover up other addictions. Danielle invited us to pay more attention to our why, rather than who we are trying to please. She summarised beautifully the never ending quest we seem to be on with one of my favourite quotes of the evening:

    "The best self-help is self-compassion"

    Her talk then took a turn into breaking open two great lies that we are facing as conscious women:

    1. The Lie of Inadequacy

    Both Danielle and I were born and raised as Catholic school girls, so I really related to her referring to original sin as a ridiculous concept, when in fact we are all an original blessing. As such, from the time we are children who come to believe that they are inadequate, a strain of self-hatred runs through everything. This would certainly explain why when I left high school, I spent many years treating myself worse than I would anyone else! Danielle referred to a summit where many spiritual leaders attended, including the Dalai Lama. Meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg asked His Holiness about self-hatred, and after a long discussion with the translator, really struggled to understand the concept and responded with "what is that?". 

    I feel that many of my friends and clients (ok, myself included) feel this inadequacy so much at times, that we give our power away often to someone who seemingly knows what is best for us: the media, bosses, partners. Her advice to combat this? It's never about the teacher, it's about resonance. Never allow someone else to make you feel less than, and begin by placing much more value on your own brilliance and worth.

    2. The Lie of Affiliation

    I've never been a huge believer or supporter of interventions in front of hundreds of people as a method to coach or bring about true healing in people's lives. It's true, I run events such as my upcoming talk The Nourished Woman, where women have the chance to ask questions of me and engage in group discussion. I make it my aim to ensure that no one ever feels pressured to share more than they'd like to or before they're ready. Danielle confirmed what I believe to be true: some wounds are meant to be shared in a safe and sacred space. Coercion and peer pressure have no place in spiritual work.

    A few years ago, I attended a weekend workshop that promised to 'change my life and make me a millionaire'. The days were long, the speaker a seemingly charismatic Australian businessman who pressured and prodded everyone present and managed to get all of us to break down at least once. By the end of the weekend, I was excommunicated from the 'group', because I didn't want to pay $8k for a 1 week retreat that would 'change my life and make me a millionaire'. I believe it is this sort of experience Danielle was referring to when she said that "We have to get through some lies to get to our truth. We have become excessively tolerant, foolishly compassionate and stick things out way too long".

    The key to taking charge of this lie is boundaries. By standing up for ourselves, even when we feel we want to die, we are rooted in self-compassion. It's also a concept that is over talked about and underused. 

    The juiciest part of the evening is when she opened up the floor for a Q&A session.

    I've summarised into #truthbombs the nuggets of wisdom that flowed freely from this brilliant mind:

    The State of the Planet:

    The more awake and mindful you become, the more pain you feel.

    Spiritual activism is a commitment to being informed.

    Share your truth on a regular basis. 

    Silence makes us complicit.

    Tough Conversations: 

    The boss ain't always right, but the boss is boss.

    Give the person a 'shit sandwich': "I love you, you f***ed up, I love you".


    Silence equals self-betrayal.

    Don't allow it to mess with your self trust.

    Guiding Young Women:

    Talk openly to young teens about sex and their bodies.

    Watch the documentary Embrace with the young women in your lives. 

    How Does Love Reward the Brave:

    Love is the cousin of generosity.

    It feels erotic to give. 

    Goals With Soul:

    Get clear on how you want to feel.

    Avoid core desired feelings that rely on other people making you feel that way e.g. adored, honoured, supported.

    Calling Your Power Back:

    Detox from the life of authority.

    Have a real relationship with your spirituality.

    Leave the things you are devoted to to really find out what you're devoted to.


    Narcissism is a disease from lack of self-worth.

    Unbotherability is the fruit of the spirit.

    Forgiveness (my favourite one):

    It will set you free.

    Forced forgiveness derails your healing process.

    Be grateful that they shat on you, and be especially grateful for your strength in the situation.

    How to Forgive When You're Not Ready:

    1. Admit that you don't want to forgive, you'd rather be right.

    2. Forgive yourself for not wanting to.

    3. See what happens.

    As she waxed lyrical on the above topics, you got a palpable sense of just how much the audience was captivated by her every word, myself very much included.

    Her passion, conviction and warmth made her all the more relatable and easy to be inspired by. Adding poet to the long list of her attributes, she ended the night with one that I unfortunately could not jot down the entirety of. But I will share with you the lines that summarised so beautifully my deepest wish for every woman reading this:

    "May your beauty dawn on you...

    Slow down if you need to, but don't ever stop."


    In love and gratitude




    When I first met Kelly, I was captivated by her shining blue eyes - that were incredibly sad. It seemed to me that she wanted so much to smile, but had perhaps forgotten how. After various interactions at workshops I ran and speaking online, she made the decision to become a Wellness Coaching client of mine. 

    It turned out that Kelly's sadness ran much deeper than I could ever have imagined - she truly believed that she was trapped in both her financial story and her love life. As a result, she had put on weight and was living a life that she felt was out of her control. How many of us can relate to this feeling? It's a dangerous game when we come to believe that we are victims of circumstance.

    The reality is, we're free to recreate our truth in any given moment.

    To begin with, we ensured that every single wellness coaching session resulted in practical steps that Kelly could straight away implement into her life - mind, body and spirit. We also created a strategy for her to take control of her financial situation, so she could see the light at the end of the tunnel. I could noticeably see a change in her from one session to the next, as though the weight of years of worrying had literally lifted from her shoulders. It's often the case that the small steps we take on our wellness journey seem completely unsurmountable at first. Afterwards, we wonder why it took us so long in the first place!

    Her self confidence had plummeted and this beautiful goddess had convinced herself to stay in a loveless marriage, where her every move was controlled and questioned. This is not to say that relationships are always easy, or that they should be given up on at the first sign of trouble. However, I am a firm believer that when your significant other needs to control how often you leave the house and becomes anxious when you're not there, it's time to strongly reconsider things. Kelly had been to marriage counselling and communicated her desires for more freedom, but the longer she stayed, the more her life became less her own. She showed such tremendous strength and self belief when finally, she moved out. We discussed every step of the separation, and it can be truly helpful to have an objective third party by your side during difficult transitions in life.

    Kelly continues to come to my live events, and every time I see her, I am blown away by how different this woman is to the one I first met! She has cut her hair and changed its colour. She's lost weight and her eyes are glowing. She lives happily alone, comes and goes as she pleases. Previously not a risk taker, she now has a trip booked to India and Everest base camp!

    Let me be clear, none of this was easy for Kelly, and these changes happened over the course of 6 months. The main reason I would say she managed to change the direction of her life was commitment to showing up - to each wellness coaching session and to herself. 

    Holding space for and thus witnessing such change is my purpose, passion, vision and mission.

    Let me guide you through the turbulent waters in your own life. I have my own coach, and live first hand the empowering nature of this relationship.

    This week only, I'm offering 20% off my wellness coaching packages. 

    To accept this offer, reach out to me via email: fiorella@thenourishinggoddess.com

    We'll lock in a free 30 minute, no obligation Skype session for us to get to know each other and for me to explain the process and packages.

    This offer ends Sunday, the 26th of February.

    I look forward to connecting with you.

    In love and gratitude



    Speak to yourself as if you were your own best friend.

    Leanne Hall is an experienced integrative psychologist with a focus on prevention, self-care and sustainable health. She specialises in body image and weight issues, depression, anxiety and eating disorders. 

    Leanne has been a clinician and researcher at the University of Sydney and a lecturer at the University of New South Wales. A qualified personal trainer and nutrition coach, you may recognise her as a TV presenter. She is the mind and body expert for Channel 10's The Living Room and regularly appears on Studio 10 as their go-to health expert.

    During this very personal conversation, Leanne draws on her own life experience as a mother, wife and business woman about to launch her first book. We discuss:

    • The importance of self care as a tool to manage our ‘inner critic’
    • Womankind’s struggle with body image and eating disorders
    • Our eternal search for happiness and a sense of being ‘enough’
    • Leanne’s top tips to manage stress and anxiety
    • How to guide young women through their own struggles
    • Being single on Valentine’s Day and celebrating our relationship with ourselves

    Next month sees the launch of 'Head First, Health Fast', a book that finally covers a smart approach to outwitting body issues and achieving sustainable health and wellness. 

    For more details, please visit: www.leannehall.com.au

    Thank you so much for listening! I'd love to know ONE thing you're taking away from episode in the comments below.

    In love and gratitude