Hello beautiful goddess.

Today, I invite you to do some reflection on the illusion of happiness with me.

How many times have you told yourself "I will be happy when I _____"

The blank could be filled in with any of the following or even a combination: lose weight, gain weight, eat better, drink less, make more money, save enough money, meet my life partner, have a baby, see the world, decide on my dream career etc etc etc.

Here's the thing though my love... these are all expectations we have placed on life. We believe that once we have obtained them, they will bring us the joy that has been seemingly missing until _____ was achieved. 

But let's say you achieve _____. You lost those 5 kilos (ask yourself - who am I really losing this weight for?). You saved that 50k. You met the man of your dreams. So what now? We have led ourselves to believe that from now on things will magically fall into place. And realistically, in most instances, this just isn't the case.

Now, I am not saying we shouldn't have goals. In fact, I am a huge fan of setting goals. We all need to have something to work towards. A passion, vision, mission that we jump out of bed for in the morning. But what I am saying is, that we can't put our lives on hold until those goals are met.

The simple moments, the everyday mundane things, are really what is worth living for on our journey towards reaching our desires. Observing the sun set majestically through the window on your way home from work. Witnessing a random act of kindness between two strangers on the street. Stumbling across an article, book, film, song, that deeply touches you and changes your way of thinking. Getting lost in cooking a meal for yourself or loved ones, enjoying it almost as a moving meditation. Resting on the sofa, next to your dog, watching them restore in deep sleep. Spending time with mother nature, marinating in her stillness.

There is beauty in every single moment, if you know how to look. 

There is always something to be learnt, if we are willing to listen.

However, too often we are distracted by Smartphones, the television, traffic, deadlines, to pay attention.

Moments of observation and joy dotted together between each goal is a new way to look at life, I know. We have not been taught to think along these lines. We tend to fill every single spare moment with action, movement, doing. I'm here to tell you, beautiful goddess, that there is another way. True happiness is available to you, in every single moment, if you chose it.

Because if you can't be happy with the simple, the subtle and the still, you will never be happy once you reach that big life goal.

I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Have you observed any moments of pure happiness in stillness you wish to share? What are your thoughts on achieving goals with mindfulness?