The sun begins to emerge out from behind the clouds...

Flowers gently bloom and fill the air with their delicate fragrance...

Birds fly serenely in tune with the changes and send out their sweet songs...

The air feels warmer, inviting you to explore the outdoors...

Your body feels lighter, needing less layers wrapped around it...

Welcome to Spring my loves: a time to let go of the old, and invite the cycle of rebirth with open arms.

During this time of year, articles and advertising using phrases such as "Spring Detox" or "Get your body in shape for Summer", often appear. 

Rather than push your body through a tough regime of discomfort for the sake of bikini season, I invite you to consider this time as Mother Nature giving you space for renewal.

We've been indoors a lot, under warm blankets, hibernating throughout Winter. Perhaps you have even had the flu, and required bed rest in order to truly heal. 

Spring offers us the opportunity to slowly open the petals of our soul, stretch out and walk into the light with a smile.

For these next three months, I recommend the following activities to replenish yourself and slowly enjoy being active again.

1. Spring Clean - The expression exists for a reason! There is no better way to cleanse your space and declutter your home than donating old clothes/kitchenware/furniture you no longer use to charity. 

2. Burn Sage - I highly recommend burning sage throughout your home to remove any stuck, negative energy accumulated over Winter. This is an ancient cleansing ritual used by the Native American Indians. You can purchase a sage smudge stick from your local health food/spiritual supply store. Walk around your house allowing the smoke to enter all corners and even over your body. I always notice such a difference afterwards!

Sage smudge stick

Sage smudge stick

3. Spend time in tune with nature - When the weather allows it, this is the best time of year for bush walking or camping. Not too hot and not too cold. It's also outside of school holidays, therefore a cheaper/calmer time to travel around. There are plenty of websites which recommend tracks or sites in your local area. You may even discover a completely new part of your town/city you never knew existed! Take a four legged friend or your favourite human(s) with you and marinate in the fresh air and tranquility. 

4. Drink plenty of water - As the weather warms up, it's really important to stay hydrated. Did you know that by the time you are thirsty you are already on the way to becoming dehydrated? It is recommended you drink 2-3 litres of water per day. Rather than use plastic bottles, invest in a stainless steel version, keeping it close by and refilling throughout the day. This is a much gentler way to flush your body of toxins than any fad on the market.

I would love to hear from you: what are your favourite Spring time activities? 

Look after yourself beautiful goddess, and enjoy the blessings of the season!