"Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have a confession to make, beautiful goddess... you may have noticed that today is in actual fact a Tuesday Meditation... the reason being that yesterday I was not walking my walk, not one bit...

An exciting day awaited me: I wanted to get my latest blog post out to you and I was also shooting some web content to share with you very soon. Planning, creating, life admin were all swirling around in my head... A lot of energy and anticipation was in the air around the time I sat down at my laptop with my bowl of bircher muesli, getting ready to write... the thing is, the muesli sat down first. All. Over. My. New. Laptop.

Years of yoga and meditation were critical in helping me not to swear or cry as an initial reaction, my laptop would not switch on... I knew the instant it happened where I went wrong. Too many things going on at once. Not focusing on the task at hand. Eckhart Tolle wrote an incredibly inspiring book called "The Power of Now". I cannot recommend it enough as a guide to living in the present moment. I knew, deep down, that this was a sign calling me back to the now.

I've noticed a trend in our modern day lives that is a bit disconcerting. We like to be busy. We are fearful of not being busy. From the moment we wake up to a morning work out to the time we come home late from dinner with friends, there is no time to.... stop. Breathe. Be present. We tend to swap "busyness" stories with our friends, brag about how much we managed to cram into our weekends and laugh off how tired we are during the week. 

Why does this need to be busy exist? Are we afraid of being alone, reflecting on our innermost thoughts? Are we concerned that if we are not busy, if we are not being productive, we will appear less successful than others? The truth is, if we multitasked less, and focused on one thing at a time more - I believe we would actually become more productive. Our conversations would be deeper, more meaningful. Our meals would be cooked with more love and pleasure. Our time spent outdoors would be more present and rejuvenating. 

I turned out to be an incredibly lucky girl... I took my laptop to be repaired this morning, and the tech geniuses got it up and running again... but it really drove home an important lesson - adopting a slower, more focused pace is a much healthier way of operating. When we are truly anchored in the present moment, we are harnessing a deeper power from within and adopting a much calmer state of mind. 

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, beautiful goddess. Do you feel we tend to glorify being busy? Have you ever learned to come back to presence the hard way?