"Omnia vincit amor (love conquers all)" - Virgil

Hello beautiful goddess.

September marks 6 months of marriage for my husband and I. How times flies...! As I look back through all the photos, I am struck by how calm and happy everyone looks. We really tried to make the day unique and inject our own flavour into it. As you can see, I wore red, at the end of the ceremony we were blessed by a Buddhist monk (a very special moment!) and hired a Cuban band to rev everyone up at the reception with some Latin flavour. All in all, it was an incredibly fun day and one that I will never forget.

As the warm weather tends to invite more beautiful brides to take their walk down the aisle, I thought I would share with you my tips to a peaceful, joyous day.

1. Let go - My biggest piece of advice is to let go and let the day happen as it needs to. There are tiny, insignificant things that will inevitably go wrong, and that was certainly the case for us. We created lists/instructions/contact sheets, but the thing was, only we knew what was on them! So if the wrong song was played or if one table was seated out of order only we realised it. Our guests had a blast and were there to support the celebration of our love, which was the most important thing.

2. Create space - I'll be honest... As I was getting ready, I was incredibly nervous! I really had to watch my thoughts and gently guide them back to a safe, gentle place. I asked that only my core tribe of women be around me so I could keep my focus. We created an oasis of calm: nourishing juices and salads for lunch, candles burning all around and mantras constantly playing in the back ground (I highly recommend the gorgeous Deva Premal, for amazing feminine energy). This hour or so of quiet before the ceremony really did wonders for my head space!

3. Be present - All my married friends told me this, and it indeed came to pass. The day will fly. There is so much stimulation, love and excitement swimming around that the hours seem to pass by as minutes. As much as you can, try and stay present in each blissful moment, and not jump ahead in your mind's eye. Loved ones will say such special things to you and look into your eyes with well wishes for a bright future. Really listen and receive these beautiful gifts, honour them and know that you and your partner are worthy of having it all. 

If there was ever a time to truly nourish the goddess within, this is it. Don't be afraid to take time out to do what you need to do to nurture yourself. There are so many elements involved in the lead up to the wedding day. The most important ones? You and your partner. This is the day where you will declare your love to the world. 

I would love to hear from any brides to be/present wives in the comments below. The sharing of stories really helps to inspire and encourage our sisters. Please feel free to share this post with any future brides to be!