debunking meditation myths

Hello beautiful goddess

We all know the saying when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I now believe this saying to be 100% true! Tom Cronin came into my life as a beacon of wisdom and mindfulness, and I'm so honoured to call him my meditation mentor. He has such a simple and refreshing outlook on life, although this hasn't always been the case for him.

Tom spent 26 years as a broker in finance trading inflation swaps and bonds for the banks. After suffering a lot of stress, anxiety and depression in his job, he turned to meditation to help manage the symptoms. I've experienced his unwavering commitment first hand, to reducing stress and chaos in people’s lives, cultivating peace, calm and shared abundance through his movement The Stillness Project.

In today's interview, we discuss:

+ How to use meditation to eliminate the stress response in your working life

+ Debunking the myths around meditation and using it instead as a ‘restful practice’

+ How Tom achieves balance between a committed practice, family life and his work as a meditation teacher

+ The body as a vehicle for creating a life you love

+ Why being a morning person really is better for you! 

You can find out more about Tom at:

I'm excited to announce for all Sydney based goddesses that Tom and I will be running a Zen For Women workshop on Saturday the 21st of November! For more details, please click HERE

What insights did you gain from today's interview? What excuses have you made until now not to meditate? Have you used it successfully to bring a heightened state of calm into your everyday? I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Please also share this post with any sister who would benefit from some soul reflection on softening into stillness.

Thank you so much for watching this week’s Monday Meditation.

In love and gratitude