Vashti D'Vyne - Naturopath

                                                                            Vashti D'Vyne - Naturopath

Hello beautiful goddess.

I cannot wait for you to meet Vashti D’Vyne, a passionate Naturopath, Massage Therapist and Crystal Dreaming Practitioner.

Although we have mutual friends, it took gently forcing my loving/stubborn husband, (who was in a lot of pain at the time) to get a massage, for me to meet this incredible medicine woman.

Based at Health Space Clinics in Newtown, I have also had the pleasure of experiencing her healing touch, and walked away feeling much lighter for it. I sat down with her for a juicy chat on wellness, spirituality and the all-important art of self care.

TNG: You offer naturopathy, massage and crystal dreaming as services. Which is your favourite modality, and why?

VDV: Crystal Dreaming (a type of energetic healing) is by far my favourite modality. Its potential never ceases to blow my mind.

As a medicine woman, I feel privileged to have so many tools in my kit – I am a true believer in the concept of ‘wholism’ and the three pillars of health: mind, body and spirit. Some people need healing work that is more physical, others emotional and some neither of these. Crystal Dreaming is for balancing the spiritual parts of ourselves, our energetic body, discovering our higher purpose and connecting to the ‘source of all, always’. This is a very powerful thing and a privilege to be able to share with others.

I had a spiritual awakening in 1998 at just 17 yrs of age, during my first year of naturopathic college, when I went to a Vipassana mediation retreat. I had attended the retreat, as it was recommended to me by a naturopath for some anxiety issues I was having at the time. I ended up going deep within myself and having an incredibly intense healing experience that I did not expect. This is when I realised that the potential to heal lies within all of us. It was so profound it left me mystified for some time and I would always tell people about it, but 10 days full days of silence and committed meditation is not everyone’s cup of tea! I love that the Crystal Dreaming technique is able to give someone that same deep spiritual and enlightening experience in an hour and a half, even if they have never meditated before in their lives!

Taking this modality on a few years ago really helped me to round out what I do, and add another dimension to it. 

TNG: What inspired you to work in alternative medicine?

VDV: When I was in high school, I loved all science and biology – I considered myself a whizz at understanding the human body and how things work. I was also incredibly fascinated with chemistry and would play for hours as a child creating ‘lotions and potions’ out of any substance that could be found readily around the house.

I was introduced to the concept of Naturopathy in my last year of high school when I went to visit a relative - who coincidentally rented an office to the well-known and respected grass roots herbalist Pat Collins. She had her front room set up like an exotic green pharmacy with lots of cellophane bags containing herbal teas for all sorts of ailments, brown bottled tinctures and brews, healing creams and pessaries, iridology charts on the wall and other such things.

What was most interesting to me was that she had a book for sale that she herself had written, called ‘In Touch with the Earth’. The first page of this book sent tingles up my spine and I just knew that I had found the answer to health everywhere, for everyone. Pat described the premise for naturopathic medicine: “first do no harm”, “let food be thy medicine”, and the necessity for each individual to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. I thought: “Eureka! This is it!! I want to be a Naturopath!” 

TNG: As a wife and mother, how do you find time to nourish the Goddess within?

VDV: It’s not so much about ‘finding’ time as it is about ‘making’ time. It took me many years of burn out and emotional pain to realise the importance of self care. Very quickly after meeting my partner, we were engaged and not long after that, fell pregnant with our first child. Becoming a wife and mother was a shock to me! Having to be so responsible for others, and leaving behind nothing for me, took the joy out and drained the lightness from my being. I didn’t understand how to balance this.

Over time, I have learnt that self care is essential to being a loving partner and a nurturing mother. In the beginning I would feel guilty that my partner and children would protest when I took time out for myself – this was only because I had made it so they were completely dependent upon me. I had made sure I was the centre of their universe, because I didn’t realise it didn’t have to be this way. It took time to train them to understand, that in order to love them better, I must care for myself first. It wasn’t easy and was met often with arguments and tears as does any change in relationship dynamic, but now they encourage it and support me in this.

TNG: Do you have any nourishing rituals in your daily life you'd like to share, to inspire others?


-        Attending workshops, retreats and classes on health and healing.

-        Bushwalks, sitting in nature, enjoying sunset at a look out or a splash under a waterfall.

-        Meeting with girlfriends (usually other mums) for endless cups of tea and flowing conversation about life, our heartaches and our celebrations.

-        Having a little ‘sacred space’ at home with incense, candles and pretty things I have collected on bushwalks, crystals and things my children have made or given to me. Things that make me smile and contemplate life.

-        Epsom salt baths! Great for relaxing the body and detoxifying the tissues.

-        Exercise! I am actually currently making exercise my focus – making time for fitness even when I don’t feel like it because my body needs it and I am a better person when my body is happy!

-        Regular massage and energetic healing. I have the massage table out permanently at home, and I am lucky enough to often have friends who are practitioners of different sorts, who swap sessions with me regularly. Massage is sooo good for self care – in fact it’s number one!

TNG: Have any clients surprised you over the years with their healing Journey?

VDV: What surprises me I suppose is when people get so close to real transformation, they are standing just on the edge of it – and I know what lies over that edge, but from their point of view they can’t see it yet. They get to a stage where they say, “OK, I’ve gone far enough, this is as far as I want to go”… And I respect that, when someone knows their limitations. It just surprises me because I can see how the next step is such a tiny leap compared to all the heavy lifting they have done. However, each person is unique and their journey is completely theirs, not mine - no matter what I can ‘see’ or might want for them.

Fear is the biggest obstacle to optimal health. If illness and disease has been your identity for so long, not being ill, not being overweight or not being depressed and anxious is a huge personal threat, as backwards as that might sound. There are many therapies and tools I can use to assist someone over that threshold, to release all personal blocks, old programs and mindsets - to assist them take that next step into complete freedom… But they need to take it, they need to show up and commit to owning their own healing process, I cannot force them. 

You can find out more about Vashti via her site:

Now over to you, beautiful goddess. I would love to hear what you thought about our interview in the comments below. What is your favourite healing modality? What nourishing rituals do you have in your life? You never know, what you ask or comment on may completely change another sista’s life!