Image source: Denise Andrade-Kroon via AnnaPurna Living

Image source: Denise Andrade-Kroon via AnnaPurna Living

"It became crystal clear to me that this is what I love. Creating space for others to be heard and seen. To create the space for healing. To nourish others in simple ways that ultimately nourish me back." - Carrie-Anne Moss

Hello beautiful goddess

The Divine Feminine is something that has been dear to me since I can remember. Female energy, mother earth, different goddesses from cultures spanning the globe... always felt like home. 

However, during my teenage years this feeling was dramatically altered, as I attended a girl's Catholic school in the North of Sydney. My peers were less than welcoming, sheltered and afraid of anything too different. This went on to affect my relationship with women in general for many years after. I could never enter a group of women and feel safe, worried always that I would be judged and labelled before opening my mouth. In my early 20's, most of my close relationships were with men, who I deemed as far less calculating or catty. Even clothes that were feminine were uncomfortable for me to wear, and it is really only the last few years that I feel truly myself wearing a dress!

I attribute two things to feeling proud to be a woman:

1. My marriage - After far too many relationships where I needed to be both the man and the mother figure, I finally found someone who is completely comfortable in their masculinity, and encouraged me to feel safe by embracing my femininity.

2. A life changing book - "The Red Tent" by Anita Diamant allowed me to put my finger on what was missing from my life and society at large. A community of women who come together on a regular basis, care, support and nurture each other. It inspired me to host my very first Women's Circle in my living room. About 15 friends came along that night, and I will never forget it. Juicy discussions, connecting to each other and spirit, in such a heart felt and genuine way.

Around this time, the show "Sex & The City" was at its peak, and the appeal always went straight over my head. There is no judgement on my side - just a preference to want to sit with friends on my living room floor, munching healthy snacks by candlelight, as opposed to high heels and cocktails in a noisy, crowded bar. Neither is 'right', just my personal preference.

Sometimes, when I mention my monthly Women's Circle to people, I'm asked in hushed, uncomfortable tones what they exactly involve. Especially since they usually take place on the Full Moon... It is a night for women, by women. The whole point is to connect to our breath, slow down and share our experiences with each other. The reason for doing it on the night of the Full Moon is that, as humans we are made up of 65% water. We seem to readily accept the concept that the Moon influences the tides of the sea, so why not accept the fact that it affects us too? Things can become quite intense and heightened around this time of the month - car accidents occur 14 percent more often on average during a Full Moon, according to a study of 3 million car policies by the U.K.'s Churchill Insurance Group. This is the perfect time to dedicate a night to relaxing and restoring, don't you think? :)

The format of the actual night has changed and evolved with me, and I now host them out of a yoga studio in Newtown. Part yoga class, part guided meditation and part self care workshop - with plenty of time to share stories of "secret women's business"... They are one of my favourite things in the world to organise, and the quote above by American actress Carrie-Anne Moss, of The Matrix trilogy, really says it all. Carrie-Anne has written a beautiful article on hosting a Women's Circle in her living room - highly recommended reading. 

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below, beautiful goddess. Would a Women's Circle experience add value to your world? Have you been to one or perhaps hosted one before? Has your relationship with femininity and other women changed over the course of your life?

With love and gratitude