"When sleeping women wake, mountains move"

- Chinese Proverb

Hello beautiful goddess

Last week's Women's Circle has me bursting with love right now. It was such a juicy group of conscious, open and heart centred women. There was no judgement in the room, only love and acceptance. As such, I felt that the discussions we had were at the deepest level yet. A subject that keeps coming up not only in Circle, but also with my clients, is how to embrace being feminine in a predominantly masculine world. 

Being completely honest, I haven't always felt comfortable in my skin as a woman. As a child, I developed much faster physically than my peers, and was in a training bra at age 9 or 10. This was painfully embarrassing at the time, and as a result I walked hunched over most of the time to hide my ample breasts. As a teenager, I dressed in black to hide my curves and wore boots instead of high heels. This made me feel more empowered and less vulnerable. I wanted to be taken seriously for what I had to say, rather than admired for my fashion sense. 

In my 20's I dated boys who needed a mother figure/protector, and who wanted me to wear the pants in the relationship. So I did. It was exhausting always ensuring their emotional needs were met, but I carried on inhabiting the masculine role from one relationship to the next. It was after a 2 year dating hiatus, that I finally met my husband. A man who was comfortable in his own skin, slowly encouraged me to wear colour and dresses, and helped me to trust that he would protect and provide for me - I've never looked back. 

Being supported in my Feminine by my partner has possibly been one of the most life changing things that has happened to me. I do wish however, that I had embraced my Inner Goddess much earlier. As women, we tend to feel these days in our job, home, relationships that if we operate from the Masculine, we'll be taken more seriously. If we push push push, we'll get things done quicker and more effectively. Or perhaps we feel that if we surround ourselves with male friends, we'll never know the betrayal of another gossip mongering female friend again. 

I believe that the time has arrived for women to be respected and taken seriously as their soft, giving, generous selves. There is such power in following your intuitive gut instinct, resting rather than pushing and forgiving instead of holding grudges. All of these qualities derive from your Divine Feminine. There is no need to follow 'boys club' behaviour in order to be successful or happy in life as a woman.

Here are my top 10 tips for embracing your Divine Feminine:

1. Take a bath with epsom salts, rose petals and your favourite oils. Light candles and listen to your favourite relaxation music to feel like a true Goddess.

2. Lie down and place a rose quartz crystal directly on your heart chakra. Repeat the mantra 'Om Mani Padme Hum' to yourself. This means 'My Heart is the Jewel of the Lotus'. 

3. When you have a stressful day, see if you can take 5 or 10 minutes to find a sense of softness. Go for a walk in the local park with your shoes off, or if at home, a quick power nap. Rest and come back to your centre.

4. If wearing a dress is something that you usually avoid, dare yourself to find one that you feel comfortable in. Go for a picnic or a walk on the beach in it, and see if you can gently embrace your feminine side.

5. Create an altar in your home and decorate it with anything that makes you feel more feminine. Photos, pictures, flowers, candles, statues, crystals - anything with meaning to you.

6. Treat yourself to a massage or facial. If you've never had one, do it. If can't afford it right now, do it anyway. Know that you are worthy of spoiling yourself.

7. Look at yourself in the mirror. See yourself for the beautiful goddess that you are. Do not focus on any 'imperfections'. Repeat to yourself out loud, 3 times: "I believe in you. I love you."

8. Check to see if there is a yoga studio near you that teaches either Restorative or Yin yoga. This form of yoga focuses on stretching and relaxing, and will align you with your breath and a sense of softness.

9. Put on your favourite song or album, and dance. Move your hips, feel into your body and marinate in the positive feelings that burst forth. 

10. Invite your friends over and run your own Women's Circle. You can gather on the Full or New Moon, and spend the night eating nourishing food whilst discussing your wildest dreams and deepest concerns.

Now I’d love to hear from you, beautiful goddess. How do you embrace your Divine Feminine?

Remember, other like minded sisters come here each week for insight and inspiration. 

Your suggestions could be exactly what she needs to hear right now, to inspire her on her own  wellness and self care journey. 

Thank you so much for reading this week’s Monday Meditation. 

In love and gratitude