Hello beautiful goddess

I’d like to introduce you to the adventurous and intriguing Vienda Maria, Life Coach and self-confessed ‘gypset’.

Vienda drastically turned her life around at age 27, and her story echoes through my heart with similarities. From working in the gruelling music industry, she now inspires women to live the life they want, rather than the one they have settled for.

We dove deep and chatted about wellness, spirituality and the magic of the moon.

TNG: What inspired you to become a Life Coach?

VM: We live in this world where we are taught that we can’t have it all; or that to have something you desire, you must give up another. It’s a fantastic way to keep us playing small. The one thing that I both learn and teach, is that there is always another way. That life isn’t black and white, and that we have infinite choices when we open our minds. I want to change that.

I created my coaching business based and built on my lifestyle. After studying psychology at university, I spent much of my twenties traveling the world, working for international music festivals as an artist coordinator. I came to love the constant travel, spending 2-3 months on location and then moving again, seeing different parts of the world, and having so much freedom in my life. By the time I began to tire of the music festival scene, there was no way I could go back to “normal” life and knew that I had to figure out a way to create the life of my dreams.

I went back to my love of human behaviour and psychology, and followed the threads from there. Becoming a life coach was the absolute best way that I could serve people and live life on my terms. Trust me, there were plenty of tears and I faced some pretty serious limiting beliefs along the way to get to where I am now, but it’s so worth the ride! And that’s what I help my clients with too.

Now, many of my clients come to me, to help them create a location independent life, so that they can have more fun and freedom while still being soulfully and financially supported.

TNG: How would you describe the "Gypset Mindset"?

VM: The word ‘gypset’ is an amalgamation of gypsy and Jetset which was coined by New York journalist, Julia Chaplin, and refers to an emerging group of creative thinkers who are ditching constrictive society. We are people who want to be free to do things our own way, to travel, to live on our own terms. People who belong everywhere and nowhere at the same time. But above all, it’s simply about freedom.

Gypset Mindset is all about the inner changes that have to take place, in order to make this kind of life a sustainable, graceful and beautiful reality.

TNG: How do you make time for wellness in everyday life?

VM: I believe mindfulness is imperative in everyday life and is a hot topic in Western psychology at the moment. It is increasingly recognised as an effective way to reduce stress, increase self-awareness, and enhance emotional intelligence. 

When we are present in the moment, we come from an open heart, listening to our intuitions and being authentic and honest with ourselves and those around us. It means that we come from a place of inner peace and connection with our spirits, rather than from haste and ego.

Wellness, for me, is a moment to moment practice, based on my responding to the present moment in the most healthful and supportive way that I can. It means practicing mindfulness in everything that I do; listening to my body and resting when I need it, it means feeding myself nourishing foods, moving my body daily and always leaving room for forgiveness when I don't get it perfect.

TNG: Do you have any favourite self care rituals, to inspire others?

VM: My absolute favourite self care ritual is journalling. For me, writing out my feelings, my emotional experiences, what inspires me and my big dreams and intentions, brings me endless clarity and insight into my truth, my soul and my heart. I use journalling as a cathartic process in order to shake off all the dust and get crystal-clear on how I'm showing up, what needs to fall away and where to focus my time and attention.

I especially love my New Moon journalling ritual, which helps me manifest the things that I want into my life. Every New Moon I light my candles, gather my crystals and spread out on my bed, writing out what challenges have arisen for me, what I want to let go of and what I choose to invite in.

TNG: Gorgeous photos of the moon feature in your social media quite a bit - what does it mean to you, as a woman?

VM: Damn, I love the moon! When we consider that we are made up of at least 70% water and the moon affects the tides, how can I not!? For me as a woman, I feel I have a very strong connection with the moon in terms of my menses which falls every New Moon, and lets me know my own personal cycles and how I am a part of nature.

Apart from that, the moon cycles really affect my own life rhythms. I notice when I am creative, when I feel more anxious, when I feel driven and when I want to lay low, and all in sync with our moon's movements. It wasn't until I was living in London a couple of years ago with one of my dearest friends, that I became aware of how the moon changes its position every 3 days, and how our moods are so deeply reflective of that. We used to check our moon calendar every day to see where she sat and started observing different patterns in our responses and emotions based on those movements.

It's truly fascinating and has grown my love and respect for the moon so much!

You can find out more about Vienda over at her site:

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