Hello beautiful goddess

From the moment you crack open your eyes, as the alarm goes off, does your mind start jumping around from thought to thought? The ancient Yogi's called this 'Chitta Vritti', meaning monkey mind, and at times it can feel like there's a thousand of them in there. It's well documented that the rate of information we are receiving in 2015 is unlike anything ever known to humankind. The world is literally available at our fingertips, by pushing a button. Whilst it's great to be connected to each other and current events, it also places an incredible amount of stress onto our nervous system. Record numbers of us are reporting chronic and adrenal fatigue, as our poor bodies are constantly pumping adrenaline and cortisol to keep up the pace. We find ourselves online literally from dawn until dusk, seldom taking time out to disconnect. 

So what I am suggesting to you today is exactly that - a technology detox. Here are 3 simple steps that you can implement in your everyday life, so that they monkey can take a moment to eat a banana or two...

1. AM and PM Tech Free Zones

For the first hour and last hour of your day, turn off your phone, laptop and television. When you arise, it can be so tempting to check your email or social media notifications. You may even feel productive by responding to a dozen messages before your shower. But the truth is, you are doing your body a huge disservice by not allowing it to start up gently in the morning. Mindfulness and Meditation have been shown to actually improve productivity and concentration levels. So when you're making breakfast, focus completely on it. Pour the water into your cup, eat each mouthful with presence, rather than texting at the same time. Similarly, in the evening, switch everything off an hour before bed. The bright lights from the screen interfere with your bodies circadian rhythms and disrupt your ability to fall asleep quickly and deeply. Tomorrow's presentation should not be the last thing you work on before your head hits the pillow! Even taking 30 minutes to have a bath before bed, can be beneficial.

2. Tech Free Meals

When sitting down to eat dinner with your loved ones, leave all phones on silent. The funny thing about social media is that its purpose is to help us feel more connected to each other. In actual fact, the art of conversation is dying in favour of a quick text or messenger chat. Take the time to interact with those at the table - perhaps everyone can share 3 events that they are grateful for, that occurred during the day. Gratitude is a wonderful way to come back to the present moment. Allow meal times to be a place of relaxation and interchanging of ideas, rather than everyone scrolling through their news feeds or responding to friends. This will not only reduce the amount of strain and stimulation for the brain, but actually help to improve digestion. 

3. Social Media Free Sunday

Every Sunday, I make it my personal aim to not check email or social media. I'll be the first to admit, I'm still perfecting the art of this. For example, I need the data to be switched on my phone for the GPS navigation system to work properly. This used to mean a whole load of notifications coming through during a Sunday drive. I've now turned off all the notifications on my apps, which has cut down on many a distraction! It may feel strange at first, or bring up fears around missing out and not being 'in touch'. By now, it actually feels blissful not having to be on call during the day, and I'm able to connect more deeply with my family.

Tomorrow, I'll be walking my talk and practicing what I preach, as I head off to the stunning isolation of the Northern Territory in Australia. A week with no reception or internet access, I'll be marinating in mother nature, the company of my husband and our dear friends. I invite you to do the same! Try getting away, even for just a weekend - tech free, and doing what you love.

Have you taken a tech free break before? Do you feel lost without access to technology? I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Please also share this post with any sister who would benefit from some soul reflection on a tech detox.

Thank you so much for reading this week’s Monday Meditation.

In love and gratitude