What A Real Woman Looks Like

'Can women really have it all? I always say have YOUR all. Whatever that means to you.'

- Tara Moss

Hello beautiful goddess

The amount of changes we go through as women from 15 to 50 is just astounding... that is not to say that men don't also experience great change in their lives, but at a cellular level, we have a flow that is very unique to our gender's psyche. From our first blush of hormones and discovering our cycle, to choosing a career path, perhaps becoming a wife, perhaps becoming a mother, the passage into menopause and finally being able to reflect back on it all.

No two women have the same story. 

There are women who were born to be lovers, girlfriends, partners, wives. Love is beautiful, and can certainly make the world go round. But let us not judge our sisters who choose to remain single, and prefer a different version of life. Perhaps they prefer to live in third world countries and contribute to the local community. Perhaps a move to an ashram or monastery makes their heart sing with joy. Or the company of a good book is all they truly need on a cold Winter's night.

There are women who were born to be givers of life, mothers, the ones whom through the generations flow. Having a child is one of the greatest honours and responsibilities in life. But let us not judge our sisters who choose to birth creative projects, instead of people. Who prefer to adopt rescue animals, and treat them like their own flesh and blood. Who heal and teach and write about life's lessons, to be digested by her collective family.

There are women who were born to be leaders of companies, governments, institutions. Being intellectually stimulated and challenged is her greatest joy, and pales into comparison with the weight of the authority she carries. So let us not judge her if she is truly following her bliss, and project our assumptions onto her that she must be a tough nut to have reached that level of power, that she is uncaring and cold. 

Now if she has all three: the husband, the child and the power career - let us definitely not dive into jealously that she has it 'all together'. 

My point is, that we need to rise up and support each other in our different incarnations as women - because there is no such thing as a 'real woman'. The Dalai Lama has been quoted as saying "The world will be saved by the Western woman". Imagine if we rose up and embraced each and every version of womankind, for us all to reach our full potential, with whatever choices we make - with no need for comparison.

If you have been made to feel less than for your life's choices, I'm here to remind you - they are all valid.

If you have previously judged a girlfriend for her choices, reach out and apologise - that will mean more than you can ever imagine.

If someone close to you is birthing a new project to life, support her - that one idea could change the world.

Now I have a favour to ask you as my dear reader - it makes me feel so connected to your thoughts and needs when you comment below. If you've never done so, tell me - how you will support a sister close to you on her journey?

Thank you so much for reading this week's Monday Meditation.

In love and gratitude