It has been a while since we've connected, beautiful goddess, but I want you to know - you are never far from my heart. February was a MASSIVE month at Nourishing Goddess HQ. Shall we catch up?

1. Moving House  
At the start of the month, I moved into a beautiful new apartment 10 minutes drive from the beach in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. It also means I have a brand new office to weave my magic out of. It's set in a much more tranquil setting than my last home - a huge thank you to my coaching clients for their patience with all the noise from a bustling inner city suburb! 
Biggest Learning:
As well all know, moving house doesn't always bring out the best in us. However, for the first time, this was the most seamless experience. As I always recommend, if you can - hire someone to help with whatever you need assistance with. The difference this made was palpable, and allowed us to self-care whilst leaving the professionals to do their job! 

Self Love: The Key to Wellness

2. Self-Love: The Key to Wellness
My first live event of the year was a powerful talk on Self-Love. Speaking to a sold out crowd of women, who wanted to learn how to accept and eventually love themselves for who they are, was one of the highlights in my career so far. This talk was so popular in fact, I am tempted it to run it again later in the year for those that missed out. Are you one of them? Want me to bring the talk to your city? Comment below and let me know! 
Biggest Learning:

Self-Love is a juggernaut of a topic, and needs to be broken down into practical, achievable daily steps. We all want to feel good in our own skin, and worthy of a life where wellness shines from the inside out.

Selena Soo GKGC

3. New York, New York
I spent two amazing weeks in New York, attending a series of events held by my business and PR coach Selena Soo, pictured here. My dream is to help and inspire as many woman as possible on their journey of wellness and self-care, which is why I wanted to work with Selena. She literally opened up her contacts book to all of us present. Rubbing shoulders with the former editor of Oprah Magazine and Marie Forleo's copywritier, for example, was seriously inspiring and if I am totally honest - overwhelming. It reinforced the notion that even as an industry leader, there is still always growth to be done!
Biggest Learning:
Stick to your routine, as much as possible, when travelling. Meditation and exercise were still part of my daily life, but my eating and sleeping habits went down the drain. New Yorkers know how to work, and they know how to party! Sometimes I said no to going out, even though I knew there would be the potential to meet influential people, because I needed sleep. Other times, I definitely enjoyed myself, because even meditation teachers know how to have fun! Coming back home has really allowed me to find balance between the two again, and I feel incredibly grateful for the whole experience. 

So what's next?

1. The Morning Routines of Empowered Women - SAVE THE DATE
Join me for this interactive webinar from the comfort of your laptop in the office, home or home office. Save the date in your calendar now, and get ready to rise, out of bed and into life. No promotions or sales at the end, just free information and bonus goodies for you beautiful goddess, because I care x

2. Women's Wellness Workshop - SAVE THE DATE
Insight, without action, never leads to change. In this 3 hour workshop, I'll arm you with the tools you need to holistically approach wellness and self-care in your daily life. The usual goodie bags will be there for you upon arrival, but this time I have a very special treat for you. Leanne from The Nourish Movement will be joining us as a guest, and spoiling you with edible inspirations... Tickets will go on sale soon!

Bagus Jati.png

3. Bali Yoga & Meditation Retreat
I am so excited to offer you a 20% discount on this amazing retreat I am running with my mentor, Tom Cronin of the Stillness Project. We are hosting a 6 night retreat in Ubud, Bali, May 10th to 15th. You can find all the information you need here: http://stillnessproject.com/bali-retreat/ I really hope you can join us on this life changing journey fuelled with fresh organic food, two complimentary massages, the warm air and calm stillness of the beautiful serene location. Come home completely rejuvenated and revitalised!

And finally...

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