Jenn Scalia

"Stay in the moment and ALWAYS celebrate your success."

- Jenn Scalia

Hello beautiful goddess

Welcome to the second interview from my three part series of truly inspirational women I met recently in the US.

Jenn Scalia is a visibility strategist for entrepreneurs who want to make an impact. This self professed introvert and single mom went from rock bottom to creating an incredibly successful business. Known for her tough love, no­-B.S. style, Jenn helps entrepreneurs overhaul their biggest fears and empowers them to share their message with the world.

I met Jenn in New York, as we share the same business coach. I was so inspired by her story of transformation through deep personal struggle, however, her story is not uncommon. Like many women I encounter, she found that her divorce from a toxic relationship was the catalyst for driving her to professional greatness. I’d like to dive deeper today, and find out about how she transformed her life from being stressful and anxious into abundance and wellness.

We discuss: 

+ How Jenn found the strength to change her life in the dark times

+ Her passion for helping other women break free of a life that no longer serves them

+ Why giving yourself permission is so important

+ Jenn's top tips for how to juggle self care with a busy working life

+ Why mindset is such an important factor in success

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What insights did you gain from today's interview? What insights around relationship breakdowns did you get? How do you achieve a positive mindset in the dark times? I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Please also share this post with any sister who would benefit from some soul reflection on transformation through mindset.

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