Combardis Elixers

"You are absolutely worth it.

If you're not feeling worth it, or prepared to spend time on yourself,

how can you possibly think you can help other people?"

- Karen Pethard

Hello beautiful goddess

Essential oil sprays are such a beautiful yet simple way to create a sacred space in your home or office instantly. Karen Pethard has created some of my favourite mists through her company, Combardis Elixirs. She has sponsored many of my workshops, as I truly adore sharing her 'mindfulness in a bottle' with my goddesses!

Having embarked on formal study in the areas of energetic healing and aromatherapy, she is passionate about living a holistic, authentic and health giving life. Karen worked for many years in marketing and product development for large FMCG companies. Now a mother, and wife, she created this beautiful company to help to calm the mind, balance the emotions, energise and empower her audience.

I'm really excited to share this interview with you today, as Karen shares her story of being a woman, wife, mother and entrepreneur. 

In this interview, you will learn:

+ How to use the search of passion and purpose as a self-care tool

+ The importance of nurturing yourself when you're looking after everyone else

+ Which essential oils you can use to bring about focus or relaxation in an office environment

+ The power of combining mists with affirmations to create a moment of mindfulness

+ Ways in which to unwind after work that don't involve that cheeky glass of wine

+ Morning rituals that Karen herself uses to balance the demands of her daily life

+ Why you really need to feel worthy of putting yourself first as a woman, in order to lead a fulfilling life and take care of others

+ And so much more

Wanting to experience the magic of Combardis Elixirs?

Use the code GODDESS to receive 20% off Karen's gorgeous range of mists here: www.combardis.com.au

Thank you so much for staying strong and committed to your wellness journey. You are a goddess who deserves to be nourished at every level.

In love and gratitude