"Only the gentle are ever really strong." - James Dean

Hello beautiful goddess

When was the last time you apologised to yourself, and meant it...? As women, we can be incredibly harsh and aggressive with ourselves internally, especially when things aren't quite panning out the way we had planned them.

2016 has been a year of huge change for me: love, loss, uncertainty - but most of all growth. Interestingly, this has also been the case for so many people I know. Death, divorce, disease, distress all seem to be going around in spades. This also seems to be occurring on the world's stage as well - the micro and macrocosms reflecting each other.

After almost three months in the UK, I'm back home in Sydney. Things didn't quite pan out the way I had expected, and I was in danger of treating myself worse than I would anybody else. The temptation was there to berate myself endlessly with the "why", "how come" and "I should have" tapes on a loop. Instead, after an insightful conversation with a close friend of mine, I've moved into deeper and deeper levels of gentleness with myself.

In this week's video blog, I share with you my top 3 strategies on how to be more gentle with yourself. 

Thank you so much for staying strong and
committed to your wellness journey.

You are a goddess who deserves to be
nourished at every level.

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Does my story resonate with you in any way?

How do you treat yourself?

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