"We need to have that healthy balance of the masculine and the feminine - that's essential. Too much feminine, nothing happens. Too much masculine, it's misguided action. It's really all about creating that balance, within ourselves."

- Sarah McGahan

Sarah McGahan is a spiritual mentor for women wanting to reconnect with their feminine essence. This is something Sarah can relate all to well with as once upon a time she found herself working high up in the masculine driven corporate world, feeling completely disconnected from herself, disillusioned, unfulfilled and suffering from numerous illnesses that had her in and out of hospital for 18 months.

Finally Sarah decided she’d had enough and moved to Bali. She now provides intuitive coaching and group programs to women, wanting to reconnect with themselves and uncover who they truly are.

I'm so excited to share this interview with you, as I'm lucky enough to also call this amazing goddess one of my closest friends.

In this interview, we discuss:

+ The epidemic of the 'stressed corporate woman' archetype

+ Why women feel the need to be more masculine to get ahead in business

+ Sarah's own story of giving up a career and relationship that was Instagram-able, for a life of purpose and passion

+ Tapping into what a woman's heart wants, rather than what the mind thinks we should be doing

+ Practical self-care rituals that all women should try

+ Feeling safe to explore your feminine side on a deeper level, without coming across as too 'woo woo'

+ How to support your partner to come into his masculine more

+ The roles of the provider/protector and supporter/carer in a romantic relationship

+ Confusing femininity with weakness, and finding strength in gentleness

+ The shift into conscious leadership in corporations around the world

+ So much more

The book that Sarah highly recommends is "Intimate Communion" by David Deida:

Get your copy of Sarah's free e-book, "5 Rituals to Re-Connect with your Natural Feminine Essence", here:

Thank you so much for staying strong and committed to your wellness journey. You are a goddess who deserves to be nourished at every level.

In love and gratitude