Hello beautiful goddess

I'd like to keep things simple this week, and further inspire you on your wellness journey.

Putting everyone's needs before your own, is not self-care.

Never speaking your truth out of fear of other's reactions, is not self-care.

Not booking that doctor's appointment or haircut, is not self-care.

Filling every spare moment in your calendar with no free time, is not self-care.

Using food, alcohol, drugs, sex or shopping to feel whole, is not self-care.

Self-care is: loving every part of yourself, even the parts that you'd like to improve.

Self-care is: eating your meals in a calm and mindful environment as often as possible.

Self-care is: saying no to relationship's that are abusive on any level.

Self-care is: inviting your light to shine and playing bigger than the ego allows you to.

Self-care is: living a life where you nourish the goddess within.

How can you take better care of yourself this week?

Write your self-care promise in the comments below, and I'll keep you accountable.

I personally read and respond to every comment I receive.

PS Thank you for your patience and support this year as my life has gone through several growth spurts and changes. I feel honoured to have women like you in my life xx

In love and gratitude