The Soulful Woman

Hello beautiful goddess and welcome to 2017!

In November last year, I taught at a meditation retreat in stunning Byron Bay, taking some much needed time out once it had finished. I took myself on a day trip to the quaint town of Bangalow to spend some time looking at the unique stores there and mingle with the locals. It was upon entering the local health food store, that my heart strings told me I was in need of a new oracle deck - for my clients of course ;)

Out popped at once the most stunning cards I had ever come across, and I've seen a few in my time as a coach! They were totally in line with my business and me as a person. On the back of the box were phrases like "nourishing energy", "nurture your feminine soul" and "trust in divine timing". It was like a home coming of the soul for me! The box itself was a deep, lush red - my favourite colour. The name of the deck was what sold it to me though, "The Soulful Woman". I paid for them with gusto and drove back to my beachside bungalow to test drive them.

Since then, I use them not only for my own guidance, but in each coaching session with my clients. The language and the images are so beautifully, yet powerfully crafted, that they are an amazing vessel of change. I knew once I witnessed this phenomenon with my clients that I had to reach out to the creators, Shushann Movsessian and Gemma Summers. 

In episode 2 of the NOURISHED podcast, we dive pretty deep into a plethora of issues close to the heart of womankind such as stepping into feminine flow and seeing it as a source of strength, that feeling we all have of 'not being enough' and the quest of the modern woman for connection and nourishment PLUS their top tips for 2017.

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Thank you so much for listening.

In love and gratitude