When I first met Kelly, I was captivated by her shining blue eyes - that were incredibly sad. It seemed to me that she wanted so much to smile, but had perhaps forgotten how. After various interactions at workshops I ran and speaking online, she made the decision to become a Wellness Coaching client of mine. 

It turned out that Kelly's sadness ran much deeper than I could ever have imagined - she truly believed that she was trapped in both her financial story and her love life. As a result, she had put on weight and was living a life that she felt was out of her control. How many of us can relate to this feeling? It's a dangerous game when we come to believe that we are victims of circumstance.

The reality is, we're free to recreate our truth in any given moment.

To begin with, we ensured that every single wellness coaching session resulted in practical steps that Kelly could straight away implement into her life - mind, body and spirit. We also created a strategy for her to take control of her financial situation, so she could see the light at the end of the tunnel. I could noticeably see a change in her from one session to the next, as though the weight of years of worrying had literally lifted from her shoulders. It's often the case that the small steps we take on our wellness journey seem completely unsurmountable at first. Afterwards, we wonder why it took us so long in the first place!

Her self confidence had plummeted and this beautiful goddess had convinced herself to stay in a loveless marriage, where her every move was controlled and questioned. This is not to say that relationships are always easy, or that they should be given up on at the first sign of trouble. However, I am a firm believer that when your significant other needs to control how often you leave the house and becomes anxious when you're not there, it's time to strongly reconsider things. Kelly had been to marriage counselling and communicated her desires for more freedom, but the longer she stayed, the more her life became less her own. She showed such tremendous strength and self belief when finally, she moved out. We discussed every step of the separation, and it can be truly helpful to have an objective third party by your side during difficult transitions in life.

Kelly continues to come to my live events, and every time I see her, I am blown away by how different this woman is to the one I first met! She has cut her hair and changed its colour. She's lost weight and her eyes are glowing. She lives happily alone, comes and goes as she pleases. Previously not a risk taker, she now has a trip booked to India and Everest base camp!

Let me be clear, none of this was easy for Kelly, and these changes happened over the course of 6 months. The main reason I would say she managed to change the direction of her life was commitment to showing up - to each wellness coaching session and to herself. 

Holding space for and thus witnessing such change is my purpose, passion, vision and mission.

Let me guide you through the turbulent waters in your own life. I have my own coach, and live first hand the empowering nature of this relationship.

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I look forward to connecting with you.

In love and gratitude