NOURISHED with Luke McLeod

Luke McLeod first came to my attention as one of the partners of Australian entrepreneurial institution, The Entourage. He is now the founder of The Soul Society, whilst speaking and writing about blending business and soulfulness. After discovering we have very dear mutual friends in common, and a passion for consciousness, I knew this had to be my first ever male guest on the NOURISHED podcast.

Many of my clients struggle with romantic relationships and how to live in harmony with the man in their life. As such, this has been one of the juiciest interviews to date, as Luke and I sat down to discuss: 

+ Luke's own journey from entrepreneur to consciousness

+ The role his relationship with his mother played in him becoming a conscious man

+ Romantic relationships from a male 'problem solving' perspective!

+ Detaching from expectations around all relationships

+ The importance of getting on with your own life purpose when in a relationship

+ Thriving in a relationship when your man is not conscious or open minded

+ Balancing the masculine and feminine side in each of us

+ Letting go of control and softening into openness as often as possible

+ Luke's self-care rituals for men

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I'd love to know what you thought about our conversation in the comments below - what is one thing you're taking away about the man in your life?

Thank you for listening!

In love and gratitude