L'Erin Alta

L'Erin Alta is a spiritual teacher and leader, who has previously collaborated with the likes of the divine Danielle LaPorte. Believe me when I tell you that this is one powerhouse of a goddess, whose middle name is transformation.

I first met L'Erin when I worked as her co-ordinator for a Desire Map workshop a few years ago, and was taken aback by her wisdom, poise and grace. Fast forward to last year, during one of the toughest times in my life, I hired her as my very own coach to guide me on my journey.

It was an honour to interview her for the NOURISHED podcast, as I truly feel that what we dive deep into strikes at the heart of my clients and you: how to feel worthy.

We discuss:

+ L'Erin's journey from MAC make up artist to industry leader

+ Getting in touch with the 'wild woman' (or man) archetype and finding our voice, regardless of the 'picture perfect' image we create on social media

+ L'Erin's top tips for true transformation

+ How mindfulness plays a role in L'Erin's life

+ Ending destructive and toxic relationships with grace

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I'd love to know what you thought about our conversation in the comments below - how can YOU feel more worthy in your own life?

Thank you for listening!

In love and gratitude