Fiona Horne

"I'm grateful for the good times,

I'm even more grateful for the bad times" - Fiona Horne

Growing up as a Catholic school girl in the Nineties was no mean feat, as I felt completely out of place amongst my peers. More interested in expressions of spirituality than manicures, I sought my solace amongst the esoteric books of the store where I worked as a teenager. One of the authors who influenced me the most was none other than Fiona Horne.

Fiona launched a career in the entertainment industry as the lead singer of Aussie electro-rock band Def FX, before authoring several best-selling books internationally about modern Witchcraft. 

In her forthcoming autobiography, 'The Naked Witch', Fiona shares her fascinating story for the first time. From growing up in Sydney in the Seventies and finding a sense of acceptance in paganism, to the Nineties where she had Hollywood, and the world, at her fingertips.

Fast forward to today, and I am pinching myself to announce her as this month's guest on NOURISHED! I wonder if my fifteen year old self would believe me if I told her...

We discuss:

+ How Fiona came to be the face of modern Witchcraft

+ Her new book, 'The Naked Witch', how it illustrates her own journey of self-acceptance and tips for inviting it into your own life

+ Why being of true service is such a great tool for getting out of your own way

+ Fiona's changing relationship with money and how it's helped her lead a simpler life

+ Why meditation and mindfulness helped to keep her centred at the height of fame

+ The lessons we can learn from the teenagers and children in our lives

+ Her humanitarian work in her new US Virgin Island home

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Thank you for listening!

In love and gratitude