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Welcome to the all new Fiorella Klein show!

Each month, I speak to thought leaders around the world on how to have a healthy relationship with Self, whilst balancing fulfilling relationships in every aspect of your life.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to our first guest, Stef Sifandos. I came across him on social media a while back and was captivated by his powerful presence and ability to speak to self leadership and love with such consciousness and a great sense of humility.

Stef is an international speaker, author and coach. He is incredibly qualified, and holds, for example a degree in Behavioural Science and Philosophy, NLP, hypnosis, reiki, Ayurveda, life coaching and holistic health. However, Stef primarily considers himself a 'Relational Alchemist' - where he is able to achieve transformation in relationship through conscious connection.

We dive deep into:
- Stef's own shift from unconscious relationships to connecting on a deeper level with himself and future partners

- How to learn from 'mistakes' and seeing them as an opportunity for growth rather than beating ourselves up

- Strategies for men to balance their masculinity with their softer side

- Redefining the ego and embracing it as an important part of our soul

- Authenticity and bravery in the early stages of a new relationship

- Busting myths around what a 'conscious man' is or is not

- The importance of communicating intention to your partner


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In love and gratitude

Fiorella Klein