reece carter

"Become an active participant in your health" - Reece Carter

Reece Carter, also known as Herb Nerd Reece, is an author, naturopath and herbal medicine expert.

His passion for health, fitness and all things green is infectious, and inspired him to complete a Bachelors degree in Health Science. From the planter box to the pantry, this man has the answers.

This month sees Reece launching his book, The Garden Apothecary. We originally met at the book launch of an industry friend, his calm energy and obvious passion for wellness made it a no brainer to invite him to guest on NOURISHED. 

His work has featured in GQ, as well as in countless magazines, blogs and is a regular guest on Channel Seven's The Morning Show to talk all things nutrition and herbal health. 

We discuss:

+ How Reece fell in love with herbal medicine through his own health struggles

+ The role Eastern and Western medicine play in a wellness journey

+ Easy and practical remedies you can make at home

+ What you can expect to learn from his new book, 'The Garden Apothecary' (PS I'm no longer dating the Tom Ford face mask guy...! THAT story will feature in an upcoming blog post...)

+ Balancing the masculine and feminine energies within each of us

+ Reece's personal self care rituals and owning whatever mindfulness practice feels right - for you

Find out more about Reece at:

I'd love to know what you thought about our conversation in the comments below - how does herbal medicine play a role in YOUR life?

Thank you for listening!

In love and gratitude



L'Erin Alta

L'Erin Alta is a spiritual teacher and leader, who has previously collaborated with the likes of the divine Danielle LaPorte. Believe me when I tell you that this is one powerhouse of a goddess, whose middle name is transformation.

I first met L'Erin when I worked as her co-ordinator for a Desire Map workshop a few years ago, and was taken aback by her wisdom, poise and grace. Fast forward to last year, during one of the toughest times in my life, I hired her as my very own coach to guide me on my journey.

It was an honour to interview her for the NOURISHED podcast, as I truly feel that what we dive deep into strikes at the heart of my clients and you: how to feel worthy.

We discuss:

+ L'Erin's journey from MAC make up artist to industry leader

+ Getting in touch with the 'wild woman' (or man) archetype and finding our voice, regardless of the 'picture perfect' image we create on social media

+ L'Erin's top tips for true transformation

+ How mindfulness plays a role in L'Erin's life

+ Ending destructive and toxic relationships with grace

Find out more about L'Erin at:

I'd love to know what you thought about our conversation in the comments below - how can YOU feel more worthy in your own life?

Thank you for listening!

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A deep, restful night's sleep is a powerful productivity tool, key to any self care practice and a natural mood enhancer. However, if it becomes increasingly elusive, it can be the source of a lot of stress, anxiety and dis-ease in the body. As our modern life places more and more demands on our nervous system, with access to information 24/7, lack of sleep and it's overall quality is becoming a common complaint. Amongst my own Wellness Coaching clients, it's a major cause of concern and a trickles into every other facet of their lives.

Personally speaking, I'm an incredibly light sleeper - the slightest noise from the local wildlife in my area or garbage truck wakes me up. The worst time for me is 3-4am. If I wake up at this witching hour, it's unlikely I'll get back to sleep until 5am, which is when I usually get up in any case. This in turn causes me to lie there, with thoughts looping around and become increasingly frustrated! My sleep quality drastically suffered when I first separated from my ex husband. The huge life changes and no longer having a warm body in the bed next to me meant that I was tired and drained all the time. 3am became an hour I learned to habitually dread.

It's no secret I'm a huge advocate of morning routine's as a way of powerfully starting your day. However this struggle with sleep has encouraged me to create my own night time ritual, and the difference it has made is truly life changing. This is in no small part because it's simple, effective and easy to implement - the three pillars of healthy and sustainable change. Take what resonates with you, leave behind what doesn't and even try implementing one or two of the tips below at a time.

My night time ritual:

1. Mighty Magnesium - One hour before going to sleep, I take 1 magnesium tablet. This complex promotes muscle relaxation, helps nervous tension and mild anxiety. As such, it's incredibly conducive to helping you not only fall but stay asleep.

2. Digital Detox - This hour prior to sleep is then dedicated to calming down my nervous system. My phone is switched to night mode and my laptop is shut down for the day. I also dim the lights in my bedroom and turn on my salt lamp, which assists with our circadian rhythms (the bodies biological clock). I might turn on some meditation music, or read my book - anything that calms my mind and doesn't involve a screen emitting blue light on my face!

3. Tea Time - Whilst I'm winding down, I make myself a cup of Evening Tea. There are plenty of brands that make a herbal blend to promote relaxation, and this particular one is made up of Lemon Balm, Fennel, Chamomile, Lime Tree, Peppermint and Lavender. It never ceases to amaze me how half way through the cup, each time, my eye lids begin to droop!

4. Lavender Love - This is the newest addition to my ritual, and it makes me feel so incredibly nourished. I place 1 drop of Lavender oil on the soles of my feet, the middle of my chest, my temples and finally on my pillow. Touching my body in this way, slowly and lovingly rubbing the oil in, really encourages deep feelings of self care. We often underestimate the power of smell, and I'm quickly realising that my body now associates the oil with the thought 'lights out!'.

Since incorporating this ritual in my life, I've noticed that I now not only stay asleep, but the quality is so much deeper. As a business owner, I love what I do and who I serve - but like all of us, my average day pulls me twenty different directions! Dedicating this last hour to stillness and softness means that I am falling asleep with a gentle smile on my face, rather than allowing my mind to pull me into stories of the past or future.

Here's to you taking some time out this evening and creating a ritual of your very own. I'd LOVE to hear from you in the comments below - what's 1 tool that you'll be trying out tonight?

Inspire a soul sister to create a ritual of their own, press share below xo

In love and gratitude




Chef Danielle Shine is a Natural Foods Chef, Hay House author, TV presenter,  health coach and yoga teacher - my kinda woman!

She worked for many years in the fast-paced world of international fashion and entertainment PR in London. Although she loved her job it didn’t love her back – extremely long hours coupled with never ending demanding projects caused Danielle to fall out of tune with herself and her body.  

Over the course of a couple of years, Danielle re-modelled herself from the inside out, emerging as a healthier, happier, more mindful and passionate human being. 

She lives between London, New York and Sydney cooking her way down a path more purposeful and joyous.   

During this intimate conversation, Danielle draws on her own life experience as a wife and business woman about to launch her first book. We discuss:

+ Why women fall out of tune with their bodies

+ Following your intuition on your journey, even when loved ones disagree

+ Busting the myth between self-ishness and self-lessness, and softening those feelings of guilt

+ Chef Shine's personal self-care rituals - that are non negotiable!

+ 'Upper limit problems' and why we have feelings of not being worthy

+ Looking at who surrounds you and deciding whether their company nourishes you... or not

+ Why our gut health is directly related to our emotions

+ How to make natural food simple and easy

For great recipes and inspiration on conscious living, visit her online home:

Thank you so much for listening!

I'd love to know ONE thing you're taking away from episode in the comments below.

In love and gratitude




    When I first met Kelly, I was captivated by her shining blue eyes - that were incredibly sad. It seemed to me that she wanted so much to smile, but had perhaps forgotten how. After various interactions at workshops I ran and speaking online, she made the decision to become a Wellness Coaching client of mine. 

    It turned out that Kelly's sadness ran much deeper than I could ever have imagined - she truly believed that she was trapped in both her financial story and her love life. As a result, she had put on weight and was living a life that she felt was out of her control. How many of us can relate to this feeling? It's a dangerous game when we come to believe that we are victims of circumstance.

    The reality is, we're free to recreate our truth in any given moment.

    To begin with, we ensured that every single wellness coaching session resulted in practical steps that Kelly could straight away implement into her life - mind, body and spirit. We also created a strategy for her to take control of her financial situation, so she could see the light at the end of the tunnel. I could noticeably see a change in her from one session to the next, as though the weight of years of worrying had literally lifted from her shoulders. It's often the case that the small steps we take on our wellness journey seem completely unsurmountable at first. Afterwards, we wonder why it took us so long in the first place!

    Her self confidence had plummeted and this beautiful goddess had convinced herself to stay in a loveless marriage, where her every move was controlled and questioned. This is not to say that relationships are always easy, or that they should be given up on at the first sign of trouble. However, I am a firm believer that when your significant other needs to control how often you leave the house and becomes anxious when you're not there, it's time to strongly reconsider things. Kelly had been to marriage counselling and communicated her desires for more freedom, but the longer she stayed, the more her life became less her own. She showed such tremendous strength and self belief when finally, she moved out. We discussed every step of the separation, and it can be truly helpful to have an objective third party by your side during difficult transitions in life.

    Kelly continues to come to my live events, and every time I see her, I am blown away by how different this woman is to the one I first met! She has cut her hair and changed its colour. She's lost weight and her eyes are glowing. She lives happily alone, comes and goes as she pleases. Previously not a risk taker, she now has a trip booked to India and Everest base camp!

    Let me be clear, none of this was easy for Kelly, and these changes happened over the course of 6 months. The main reason I would say she managed to change the direction of her life was commitment to showing up - to each wellness coaching session and to herself. 

    Holding space for and thus witnessing such change is my purpose, passion, vision and mission.

    Let me guide you through the turbulent waters in your own life. I have my own coach, and live first hand the empowering nature of this relationship.

    This week only, I'm offering 20% off my wellness coaching packages. 

    To accept this offer, reach out to me via email:

    We'll lock in a free 30 minute, no obligation Skype session for us to get to know each other and for me to explain the process and packages.

    This offer ends Sunday, the 26th of February.

    I look forward to connecting with you.

    In love and gratitude



    "The power of the heart

    is to be connected with who you are

    at the deepest level"

    Hello beautiful goddess

    Do you find it difficult to get out of your busy mind, where thoughts whirl around like a tornado? Do you use your mind a lot in your line of work, and find it difficult to listen to the guidance of your heart? Have you been through a tumultuous period and want to let go of your burdens?

    If so, I wrote this meditation especially for you!

    Teaching meditation is an absolute honour, and although recording my meditation album fulfilled a lifelong dream, I have been wanting to find a way to say THANK YOU, to you - my precious audience.

    Once a month, I will be recording a free guided meditation for you to weave into your meditation practice. 

    Inspired by the documentary 'The Power of the Heart'this meditation invites you to make that journey of connection from the head to the heart, in a safe and sacred space.

    I really hope that you enjoy it precious one, and find some time in your hectic schedule to be with yourself, by yourself, for yourself.

    I'd love to hear from you in the comments below, and let me know how you found the meditation and if you'd like me to continue with this monthly series! I personally respond to every comment I receive xx


    Hello beautiful goddess

    I'd like to keep things simple this week, and further inspire you on your wellness journey.

    Putting everyone's needs before your own, is not self-care.

    Never speaking your truth out of fear of other's reactions, is not self-care.

    Not booking that doctor's appointment or haircut, is not self-care.

    Filling every spare moment in your calendar with no free time, is not self-care.

    Using food, alcohol, drugs, sex or shopping to feel whole, is not self-care.

    Self-care is: loving every part of yourself, even the parts that you'd like to improve.

    Self-care is: eating your meals in a calm and mindful environment as often as possible.

    Self-care is: saying no to relationship's that are abusive on any level.

    Self-care is: inviting your light to shine and playing bigger than the ego allows you to.

    Self-care is: living a life where you nourish the goddess within.

    How can you take better care of yourself this week?

    Write your self-care promise in the comments below, and I'll keep you accountable.

    I personally read and respond to every comment I receive.

    PS Thank you for your patience and support this year as my life has gone through several growth spurts and changes. I feel honoured to have women like you in my life xx

    In love and gratitude



    Combardis Elixers

    "You are absolutely worth it.

    If you're not feeling worth it, or prepared to spend time on yourself,

    how can you possibly think you can help other people?"

    - Karen Pethard

    Hello beautiful goddess

    Essential oil sprays are such a beautiful yet simple way to create a sacred space in your home or office instantly. Karen Pethard has created some of my favourite mists through her company, Combardis Elixirs. She has sponsored many of my workshops, as I truly adore sharing her 'mindfulness in a bottle' with my goddesses!

    Having embarked on formal study in the areas of energetic healing and aromatherapy, she is passionate about living a holistic, authentic and health giving life. Karen worked for many years in marketing and product development for large FMCG companies. Now a mother, and wife, she created this beautiful company to help to calm the mind, balance the emotions, energise and empower her audience.

    I'm really excited to share this interview with you today, as Karen shares her story of being a woman, wife, mother and entrepreneur. 

    In this interview, you will learn:

    + How to use the search of passion and purpose as a self-care tool

    + The importance of nurturing yourself when you're looking after everyone else

    + Which essential oils you can use to bring about focus or relaxation in an office environment

    + The power of combining mists with affirmations to create a moment of mindfulness

    + Ways in which to unwind after work that don't involve that cheeky glass of wine

    + Morning rituals that Karen herself uses to balance the demands of her daily life

    + Why you really need to feel worthy of putting yourself first as a woman, in order to lead a fulfilling life and take care of others

    + And so much more

    Wanting to experience the magic of Combardis Elixirs?

    Use the code GODDESS to receive 20% off Karen's gorgeous range of mists here:

    Thank you so much for staying strong and committed to your wellness journey. You are a goddess who deserves to be nourished at every level.

    In love and gratitude




    Jenn Scalia

    "Stay in the moment and ALWAYS celebrate your success."

    - Jenn Scalia

    Hello beautiful goddess

    Welcome to the second interview from my three part series of truly inspirational women I met recently in the US.

    Jenn Scalia is a visibility strategist for entrepreneurs who want to make an impact. This self professed introvert and single mom went from rock bottom to creating an incredibly successful business. Known for her tough love, no­-B.S. style, Jenn helps entrepreneurs overhaul their biggest fears and empowers them to share their message with the world.

    I met Jenn in New York, as we share the same business coach. I was so inspired by her story of transformation through deep personal struggle, however, her story is not uncommon. Like many women I encounter, she found that her divorce from a toxic relationship was the catalyst for driving her to professional greatness. I’d like to dive deeper today, and find out about how she transformed her life from being stressful and anxious into abundance and wellness.

    We discuss: 

    + How Jenn found the strength to change her life in the dark times

    + Her passion for helping other women break free of a life that no longer serves them

    + Why giving yourself permission is so important

    + Jenn's top tips for how to juggle self care with a busy working life

    + Why mindset is such an important factor in success

    To find out more about this trailblazing woman, please visit:

    What insights did you gain from today's interview? What insights around relationship breakdowns did you get? How do you achieve a positive mindset in the dark times? I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Please also share this post with any sister who would benefit from some soul reflection on transformation through mindset.

    Thank you so much for watching this week’s Monday Meditation.

    In love and gratitude




    It has been a while since we've connected, beautiful goddess, but I want you to know - you are never far from my heart. February was a MASSIVE month at Nourishing Goddess HQ. Shall we catch up?

    1. Moving House  
    At the start of the month, I moved into a beautiful new apartment 10 minutes drive from the beach in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. It also means I have a brand new office to weave my magic out of. It's set in a much more tranquil setting than my last home - a huge thank you to my coaching clients for their patience with all the noise from a bustling inner city suburb! 
    Biggest Learning:
    As well all know, moving house doesn't always bring out the best in us. However, for the first time, this was the most seamless experience. As I always recommend, if you can - hire someone to help with whatever you need assistance with. The difference this made was palpable, and allowed us to self-care whilst leaving the professionals to do their job! 

    Self Love: The Key to Wellness

    2. Self-Love: The Key to Wellness
    My first live event of the year was a powerful talk on Self-Love. Speaking to a sold out crowd of women, who wanted to learn how to accept and eventually love themselves for who they are, was one of the highlights in my career so far. This talk was so popular in fact, I am tempted it to run it again later in the year for those that missed out. Are you one of them? Want me to bring the talk to your city? Comment below and let me know! 
    Biggest Learning:

    Self-Love is a juggernaut of a topic, and needs to be broken down into practical, achievable daily steps. We all want to feel good in our own skin, and worthy of a life where wellness shines from the inside out.

    Selena Soo GKGC

    3. New York, New York
    I spent two amazing weeks in New York, attending a series of events held by my business and PR coach Selena Soo, pictured here. My dream is to help and inspire as many woman as possible on their journey of wellness and self-care, which is why I wanted to work with Selena. She literally opened up her contacts book to all of us present. Rubbing shoulders with the former editor of Oprah Magazine and Marie Forleo's copywritier, for example, was seriously inspiring and if I am totally honest - overwhelming. It reinforced the notion that even as an industry leader, there is still always growth to be done!
    Biggest Learning:
    Stick to your routine, as much as possible, when travelling. Meditation and exercise were still part of my daily life, but my eating and sleeping habits went down the drain. New Yorkers know how to work, and they know how to party! Sometimes I said no to going out, even though I knew there would be the potential to meet influential people, because I needed sleep. Other times, I definitely enjoyed myself, because even meditation teachers know how to have fun! Coming back home has really allowed me to find balance between the two again, and I feel incredibly grateful for the whole experience. 

    So what's next?

    1. The Morning Routines of Empowered Women - SAVE THE DATE
    Join me for this interactive webinar from the comfort of your laptop in the office, home or home office. Save the date in your calendar now, and get ready to rise, out of bed and into life. No promotions or sales at the end, just free information and bonus goodies for you beautiful goddess, because I care x

    2. Women's Wellness Workshop - SAVE THE DATE
    Insight, without action, never leads to change. In this 3 hour workshop, I'll arm you with the tools you need to holistically approach wellness and self-care in your daily life. The usual goodie bags will be there for you upon arrival, but this time I have a very special treat for you. Leanne from The Nourish Movement will be joining us as a guest, and spoiling you with edible inspirations... Tickets will go on sale soon!

    Bagus Jati.png

    3. Bali Yoga & Meditation Retreat
    I am so excited to offer you a 20% discount on this amazing retreat I am running with my mentor, Tom Cronin of the Stillness Project. We are hosting a 6 night retreat in Ubud, Bali, May 10th to 15th. You can find all the information you need here: I really hope you can join us on this life changing journey fuelled with fresh organic food, two complimentary massages, the warm air and calm stillness of the beautiful serene location. Come home completely rejuvenated and revitalised!

    And finally...

    Been wanting to ask me a question for a while?
    Make a suggestion?
    Yearning to read about a topic I've not covered yet?
    I read and personally respond to each and every comment I receive.
    Nothing brings me greater joy than hearing from you, beautiful goddess.

    Leave your comment at the bottom of this post, and let me know how I can best serve you on your journey x



    Always on the Run

    Hello beautiful goddess

    Do you find yourself often saying "I don't have time", "I'm so tired" or "I have so much to do?".

    Right now, there is an epidemic amongst womankind, as Dr Libby calls it 'Rushing Woman's Syndrome'. She explains the biochemical knock-on effects from stress and lifestyle in her 2012 book of the same name. Rushing Women's Syndrome is a term used to describe the cascade of hormonal changes that happens when we feel stressed for extended periods. It can manifest in anything from unexplained weight gain, to fatigue, to mood swings.

    According to US medical research centre the Mayo Clinic: "Long-term activation of the stress-response system - and the subsequent overexposure to cortisol and other stress hormones - can disrupt almost all your body's processes."

    "This puts you at increased risk of numerous health problems, including: anxiety, depression, digestive problems, heart disease, sleep problems, weight gain, memory and concentration impairment." 

    Stress can be the result of a perceived or a real threat. The body doesn't know the difference between the stress we feel at work, for instance, or stress from the risk of an attack. It only knows that it is stressed and responds accordingly.

    The cumulative effect of constantly feeling pressure can create a cascade of stress hormones that is detrimental to our physical and mental health.

    I'd like to introduce you to my client Charlotte - a goddess who was (emphasis on was!) the embodiment of Rushing Woman's Syndrome. 

    Working as a Legal Counsel, at same time as getting her Wellness business off the ground, she never felt she had the time to really 'walk her talk'. Married, and with beautiful fur babies to take care of, there was a seemingly endless list of things to do. 

    Her energy levels were completely depleted when we first met, and her greatest Wellness goal was around routines and self-care practices - exactly what I live for as a coach! 

    Charlotte felt as though she was on a hamster wheel - always moving, never having enough time or getting ahead in life. She wanted a greater sense of ease and flow in her days. Her greatest asset at this starting point was however, her willingness to embrace change.

    It's when we are at our busiest, that we REALLY need to make the time to look after ourselves.

    We worked together on making various lifestyle revisions to help bring the body back into biochemical balance. Not in the least was the state of her email inbox, and how many hours she was researching and comparing herself to other industry service providers. Our time together also included an hour of yoga and meditation a week via Skype, with wonderful results.

    Charlotte now sees the value in putting herself first, and not feeling the need to do it all at once. We created more space and structure in her hectic schedule, where she could decrease her stress levels and unwind from the day.  

    The main reason we achieved such great results, is because the coaching was tailored to her as an individual, and her needs.

    Are YOU ready to make the change from Rushing Woman to Nourished Goddess?

    I still have a few spots remaining for a complimentary 1:1 Wellness Breakthrough session with me via Skype - is one of them yours?

    Reserve your session by sending me an email (, but don't delay, because these will go quickly!

    I look forward to connecting with you. 

    In love and gratitude

    The Nourishing Goddess




    Hello beautiful goddess

    I'd like to share with you the story of my client Katherine, a gentle and articulate mother and wife, who runs her own business from home.

    When we first met on Skype, I was captured by her stunning blue eyes and gorgeous smile. Over time, it was apparent that she didn't see herself in this light at all, to the point of feeling unattractive and unworthy. 

    She would often compare herself with celebrities, losing track of time looking at images online, carefully observing their fancy clothes that she couldn't possibly afford at the time. When watching a movie, her instinct was to compare even her husband to the main actor, and imagine what life would be like with him by her side.

    With the onslaught of images on social media, we are all guilty of being unfair on ourselves and comparing our lives to the 'show reel highlights' of others.

    Katherine was also incredibly mindful and practiced meditation regularly. She could rationally see what was going on in her mind, but the compulsion in her to compare was incredibly strong, stemming from a core wound of childhood insecurities. Knowing that this chronic behaviour was unhealthy, she would then ban herself from looking at certain sites or programs. 

    This restrictive behaviour allowed her to feel in control for a time, which flooded her body with temporary belief. After a while however, a bubbling sensation would come up from deep inside her, the comparison bug clawing at her insides.

    Dr Carl Jung said it best, "what we resist, persists". 

    Overwhelmed with this push/pull of urges in her mind, we discussed it in a Wellness Coaching session together. My recommended coping strategy might seem somewhat unconventional - indulge in the feeling. As what you resist, very much persists, attempting to push certain experiences away only serves to draw more of the same to ourselves. Through focusing on what we don't want, we attract more of it.

    I recommended that she follow the feeling when it arises, and to really follow it all the way down to the bottom, to the depths of her soul. To explore what it tasted like, looked like, even smelt like - this need for comparison. But only for 5 minutes. She would put a timer on and give herself this chance to scratch the itch, and then stop. Acknowledge what is there, roll out the welcome mat and know there is nothing inherently 'wrong' with it.

    My advice was for her to be attentive to any commentary about the experience. There is no need to fix or change anything. Wanting to fix it will create more of it. Simply seeing it is enough. If it is true that what you resist persists, the opposite is equally true... namely, that what you embrace dissolves. Negative states persist because we give them energy and importance through giving them all of our attention.

    When we offer no resistance, they wither and fade away.

    Over the course of time, she noticed that she wouldn't even need the whole 5 minutes to compare - even a few, deep moments of reflection were enough to make her realise that she could drop her resistance to it, and know that her feelings of childhood fear were no longer needed in her adult life to keep her safe. 

    I love being a Wellness Coach, because connecting with another woman on a deep and sacred level is one of the highest forms of energy exchange I can imagine. Holding space for someone to reflect, release and renew is a true privilege. 

    Now the question is, how can we bring more light and love into YOUR daily life?

    Let me show you how...

    I'm offering YOU, my beautiful goddesses, the chance to work 1:1 with me for free.

    The first 5 women to send me an email ( will receive a 1 hour Wellness Breakthrough session via Skype. During this time, we'll explore: 

    - The biggest challenge holding you back in life right now

    - What your goals and dreams are in this area

    - Deep realisations around why this challenge has been standing in your way 

    Reserve your session by sending me an email (, but don't delay, because these will go quickly!

    I look forward to connecting with you. 

    In love and gratitude



    debunking meditation myths

    Hello beautiful goddess

    We all know the saying when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I now believe this saying to be 100% true! Tom Cronin came into my life as a beacon of wisdom and mindfulness, and I'm so honoured to call him my meditation mentor. He has such a simple and refreshing outlook on life, although this hasn't always been the case for him.

    Tom spent 26 years as a broker in finance trading inflation swaps and bonds for the banks. After suffering a lot of stress, anxiety and depression in his job, he turned to meditation to help manage the symptoms. I've experienced his unwavering commitment first hand, to reducing stress and chaos in people’s lives, cultivating peace, calm and shared abundance through his movement The Stillness Project.

    In today's interview, we discuss:

    + How to use meditation to eliminate the stress response in your working life

    + Debunking the myths around meditation and using it instead as a ‘restful practice’

    + How Tom achieves balance between a committed practice, family life and his work as a meditation teacher

    + The body as a vehicle for creating a life you love

    + Why being a morning person really is better for you! 

    You can find out more about Tom at:

    I'm excited to announce for all Sydney based goddesses that Tom and I will be running a Zen For Women workshop on Saturday the 21st of November! For more details, please click HERE

    What insights did you gain from today's interview? What excuses have you made until now not to meditate? Have you used it successfully to bring a heightened state of calm into your everyday? I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Please also share this post with any sister who would benefit from some soul reflection on softening into stillness.

    Thank you so much for watching this week’s Monday Meditation.

    In love and gratitude




    Hello beautiful goddess

    I was front row earlier this year for the Women Leading Change conference - which turned out to be quite a life changing event. 8 amazing women took to the stage for a full day of honest and soulful discussion. Petrea King, CEO of the Quest for Life Foundation, was one of them and her graceful presence made a deep impression on me.

    It was a great honour, therefore, to sit down with her recently for an interview. 

    This is the first in a series of four, I will be sharing with you over the coming months, with wellness industry leaders. 

    Please grab a cup of herbal tea, and settle in for a juicy discussion on Mindfulness & Self-Care for Women. 

    You can find out more about Petrea and her important work with the Quest for Life Foundation at:

    What insights did you gain from today's interview? Do you struggle to bring your awareness into the present moment, rather than the past or future? I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Please also share this post with any sister who would benefit from some soul reflection on self-care and taking some time for herself.

    Thank you so much for watching this week’s Monday Meditation.

    In love and gratitude





    Hello beautiful goddess

    Here is our chance to catch up for a chai :)

    In today's Monday Meditation, I'd like to share with you how your inner critic may be stopping you from accessing levels of self care you never knew possibleI'll also be talking about the way this affected my own life, and how I was given the tools to address it via Tara Mohr's game changing book, "Playing Big".

    We all have those voices in our head telling us we're not good enough, and asking us who on earth we think we are. I'll reveal their purpose, and encourage you to work with them, rather than against them.


    I would love to hear from you in the comments below - do you enjoy taking time out to watch this type of content? Does my story resonate with you?

    Thank you so much for watching this week’s Monday Meditation.

    In love and gratitude

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    Hello beautiful goddess

    The topic of meditation practice came up organically in last night’s Goddess Session workshop. Although the health benefits have been widely reported, and companies such as Google are incorporating it into their daily life, I feel as though meditation is still a an elusive concept for many of us. Sitting still (when we know we'd rather be doing anything but) for indefinable periods of time may be a form of torture for some. The idea of concentrating on 'nothing' perhaps seems ludicrous and incredibly hard to attain, as our monkey mind jumps from thought to thought to thought. 

    There are many teachers and methods out there to learn from - and this certainly adds to the confusion. There also seem to be many hard and fast rules around different techniques, duration and right time of the day. Today, I'd like to share with you my truth as a meditation teacher - there is no 'right way' to meditate. I truly do believe that whichever method feels right for you, is the right way for you

    Here are my tips to turn meditation from an unattainable ideal to a blissful part of your daily life.

    1. Let go...

     ...of the desire to be perfect. Even if you are a Zen Monk who has been trained to meditate from a tender age, thoughts will still creep into the human mind. There is no such thing as an 'ideal' meditation from start to finish. Even more importantly, when the thoughts do pop up, avoid giving yourself negative feedback. Also, let go of the belief that meditation is about having no thoughts at all. Of course this can occur, but perhaps for only a few moments at a time, that eventually will become longer and longer. But to begin with, I recommend focusing on 'turing down the volume' on the thoughts, rather than getting rid of them altogether.

    2. Be comfortable

    Images of the Buddha in Lotus pose are on the cover of many a meditation text book, and leads us to feel in the West that we may need to look like a pretzel in order to do it successfully. This may sound radical, but I actually recommend finding a comfortable posture. Anything from lying down on the floor on a yoga mat or in your bed with an eye pillow, sitting on the couch or on a chair, perhaps even investing in a yoga bolster to sit on. Also, if you need to fidget, scratch, wiggle your toes - do so. This is all part of the bodies resistance to the internal workings of the mind and what lurks there. So as you settle in to your position, allow yourself time to make any necessary adjustments. Blankets and socks are also your best friend as a meditator, given that as your heart rate naturally decreases, so does your body temperature.

    3. 1 minute wonders

    If you're completely new to meditation, I actually recommend starting with the smallest amount of time possible to dedicate to the practice. Think of a mundane activity that forces you to slide into stillness for 1 minute during the day: whilst the kettle boils, in line at your local cafe, at the photocopier, on public transport, in the shower. For that 1 minute, allow your gaze to become soft or even close your eyes. Focus on slowing down the breath, and turning down the volume on any thoughts that arise. At the end of the minute, notice how you feel... perhaps more relaxed and relieved that it wasn't actually that hard? From here, increase gradually to 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes - whatever feels right and fits in with your lifestyle.

    4. Experiment with techniques

    From Transcendental to Vipassana to Zen, there are a myriad of traditions and theories on how to meditate. Like finding the right style of yoga class, I invite you to spread your wings and try as many as it takes to find what resonates with you. If you'd prefer to experiment in the comfort of your own home, you can try downloading guided meditations. The teacher will guide you through a visualisation, which helps to keep the monkey mind at bay. They are also great to download onto your phone so you can listen to them on public transport or in your lunch hour at work.

    5. Time of day

    Ensuring that meditation fits into your lifestyle, is crucial in it becoming a regular part of your day. If you're an early bird, try making it the first thing you do when your eyes open. If you're a night owl, try meditating in the evening to unwind before going to bed. If what a teacher suggests simply doesn't work for you, don't be shy to modify the practice. Remember, the focus for us in the West is to invoke a sense of peace and calm in the body, and reduce stress and cortisol levels. 

    6. Honouring where you're at

    Recently, I came down with the dreaded flu at the very end of the Winter season here in Australia. Although meditation is a cherished part of my self care routine, with a clogged nose, painfully sore throat and high fever, meditation was the last thing my body wanted to do. So I honoured that feeling. This may seem controversial, but I would never recommend 'forcing' yourself to meditate. If one day you sit down, and you're just not feeling it, don't push yourself. Allow your soul to guide you into stillness when you're ready.

    If you feel called to explore guided meditations, I'm incredibly excited to launch today my Goddess Meditation Series One! I've created something special for you my loves. Click HERE to find out more...

    What stage are you at in your meditation journey? What do you find the most rewarding or frustrating? I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Please also share this post with any sister who would benefit from some soul reflection on meditation.

    Thank you so much for reading this week’s Monday Meditation.

    In love and gratitude

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    Hello beautiful goddess

    From the moment you crack open your eyes, as the alarm goes off, does your mind start jumping around from thought to thought? The ancient Yogi's called this 'Chitta Vritti', meaning monkey mind, and at times it can feel like there's a thousand of them in there. It's well documented that the rate of information we are receiving in 2015 is unlike anything ever known to humankind. The world is literally available at our fingertips, by pushing a button. Whilst it's great to be connected to each other and current events, it also places an incredible amount of stress onto our nervous system. Record numbers of us are reporting chronic and adrenal fatigue, as our poor bodies are constantly pumping adrenaline and cortisol to keep up the pace. We find ourselves online literally from dawn until dusk, seldom taking time out to disconnect. 

    So what I am suggesting to you today is exactly that - a technology detox. Here are 3 simple steps that you can implement in your everyday life, so that they monkey can take a moment to eat a banana or two...

    1. AM and PM Tech Free Zones

    For the first hour and last hour of your day, turn off your phone, laptop and television. When you arise, it can be so tempting to check your email or social media notifications. You may even feel productive by responding to a dozen messages before your shower. But the truth is, you are doing your body a huge disservice by not allowing it to start up gently in the morning. Mindfulness and Meditation have been shown to actually improve productivity and concentration levels. So when you're making breakfast, focus completely on it. Pour the water into your cup, eat each mouthful with presence, rather than texting at the same time. Similarly, in the evening, switch everything off an hour before bed. The bright lights from the screen interfere with your bodies circadian rhythms and disrupt your ability to fall asleep quickly and deeply. Tomorrow's presentation should not be the last thing you work on before your head hits the pillow! Even taking 30 minutes to have a bath before bed, can be beneficial.

    2. Tech Free Meals

    When sitting down to eat dinner with your loved ones, leave all phones on silent. The funny thing about social media is that its purpose is to help us feel more connected to each other. In actual fact, the art of conversation is dying in favour of a quick text or messenger chat. Take the time to interact with those at the table - perhaps everyone can share 3 events that they are grateful for, that occurred during the day. Gratitude is a wonderful way to come back to the present moment. Allow meal times to be a place of relaxation and interchanging of ideas, rather than everyone scrolling through their news feeds or responding to friends. This will not only reduce the amount of strain and stimulation for the brain, but actually help to improve digestion. 

    3. Social Media Free Sunday

    Every Sunday, I make it my personal aim to not check email or social media. I'll be the first to admit, I'm still perfecting the art of this. For example, I need the data to be switched on my phone for the GPS navigation system to work properly. This used to mean a whole load of notifications coming through during a Sunday drive. I've now turned off all the notifications on my apps, which has cut down on many a distraction! It may feel strange at first, or bring up fears around missing out and not being 'in touch'. By now, it actually feels blissful not having to be on call during the day, and I'm able to connect more deeply with my family.

    Tomorrow, I'll be walking my talk and practicing what I preach, as I head off to the stunning isolation of the Northern Territory in Australia. A week with no reception or internet access, I'll be marinating in mother nature, the company of my husband and our dear friends. I invite you to do the same! Try getting away, even for just a weekend - tech free, and doing what you love.

    Have you taken a tech free break before? Do you feel lost without access to technology? I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Please also share this post with any sister who would benefit from some soul reflection on a tech detox.

    Thank you so much for reading this week’s Monday Meditation.

    In love and gratitude





    "When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive - to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love."

    Marcus Aurelius

    Hello beautiful goddess

    One of the most common complaints I hear coming from my mouth, that of clients, peers, friends and family is that we have "no time". I've previously discussed the glorification of being busy, and how it serves no purpose other than distraction from our inner workings. As a passionate advocate for self care, I'm often prescribing my clients the task of finding time to look after themselves - from the inside out.

    If you're struggling to find that time during the day (at the risk of upsetting the night owls amongst us), may I perhaps suggest getting up an hour or even two, earlier? I've been practicing a morning ritual for the past year, and cannot begin to describe how much it has changed my life. Far from a cliche, nothing has brought as much peace and clarity into my world, as this. 

    I'm sharing my morning practice with you today, not in the hopes that you will copy it step by step (in fact, I hope you don't) - rather to inspire you to create one that has true meaning and value for you. And if you are a night owl, then may I suggest incorporating a similar habit in the hours preceding bedtime. As with yoga, it's all about making the practice fit in with your lifestyle, and not the other way around.

    1. Meditation - As soon as I open my eyes, I sit up in bed and meditate. As a teacher of the tradition, I will be honest and say that the style and duration varies daily. Sometimes I repeat a mantra in my head silently for 20 minutes. Sometimes I pray to Ganesha, remover of obstacles, to clear and cleanse certain aspects of my life. Other times, I listen to recorded meditations. I find that it's not the style itself, but the commitment of a daily meditation that makes all the difference for me. If I don't meditate in the morning, and I haven't had those moments of stillness with myself, it can change completely how I feel. Don't be afraid to try it, or become convinced that you need to get it right the first time. I'm still learning and evolving the ability to tame the 1000 chattering monkey's roaming wild in there! Even sitting for 1, 2 or 3 minutes and following your natural breath pattern is a great way to start. I'm also very excited to announce here for the first time, that I will have my own recorded meditations for sale via this website soon...!

    2. Gratitude Journal - Once I've finished meditating, I pull out my Gratitude Journal and write down 5 things I am grateful for today. They can be moments from the day before, seemingly trivial things such as no traffic on the way home, or repeating my appreciation for having a healthy body in perfect working condition (perhaps with a few quirks here and there!). My favourite thing to do is flip back on the weeks and months past, and realise just how much there is to be grateful for. It helps me to jump out of bed feeling just that little bit lighter and happier. Being grateful can also improve your health - according to a 2012 study published in 'Personality and Individual Differences'. Grateful people experience fewer aches and pains and they report feeling healthier than other people. Not surprisingly, grateful people are also more likely to take care of their health.  

    3. Make Your Bed - This part may bring back memories of a cranky mother reminding you over and over again to do this! However, making your bed is a step that’s quick and easy, yet makes a big difference. Everything looks neater. It’s easier to find your shoes. Your bedroom is a more peaceful environment. For most people, outer order contributes to inner calm. Yes, it's a small gesture. But there is power in simplicity. It can also help to remind us that things so often seem insurmountable, but are overcome by taking consistent and regular steps towards change.

    4. Simple Detox - Once I've left the bedroom, it's straight into the kitchen for some warm water with slices of fresh lemon. I realise this is not groundbreaking stuff here, but do you know just how many benefits this powerful little drink has? It supports the immune system, aids digestion, repairs the skin, reduces cravings, balances pH levels, cleanses the urinary tract, freshens the breath, promotes healing and detoxifies the liver. The key is the Vitamin C and potassium levels in the lemon, and its alkaline nature. Ideally, you should drink it before eating breakfast and with warm water, not hot.

    5. Exercise - Like my meditation practice, my exercise routine varies daily. It can be as gentle as a walk with my dog or restorative yoga, as intense as High Impact Interval Training (HIIT), or as simple as sit ups. Whether I'm writing an article, speaking with a client via Skype or driving to an event, my life isn't as physically active as I'd like it to be for the majority of the day. By day's end, I would be far too tired to move my tush, so I find morning works best for me. I won't go into the benefits of exercise, as they are promoted far and wide, but I will gently remind you that this beautiful body of yours is the only one you're going to get.

    6. Nourishment - By this point, my stomach is usually saying "Good morning!". Breakfast is truly the most important meal of the day for me - without it, I cease to function and become quite 'hangry' (hungry and angry at the same time, striking fear in the heart of my husband). Depending on the season and my mood, my breakfast revolves around 4 main staples. In warmer weather it's a smoothie with literally everything but the kitchen sink - fruit, nuts, seeds, superfood powders etc, or gluten free muesli with yoghurt and cinnamon. When it's colder, I either have an omelette with fresh herbs or quinoa porridge with chia seeds and goji berries. The thought of any of these may make your stomach turn, or heart sing. Find what works best for you and your body, the wisdom of its true needs may surprise you!

    After a soothing shower, I am ready to begin my day. As always, I believe in authenticity, so will confess that variations to this routine can vary wildly, because life happens. However, the two steps I simply will not miss is meditation and my gratitude journal. I highly encourage you to find a self care ritual that will add deep value to your day, no matter how elaborate or simple.

    Already have a morning/evening ritual? Overwhelmed by how to exactly start? I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Please also share this post with any sister who would benefit from some soul reflection on their wellness journey.

    Thank you so much for reading this week’s Monday Meditation.

    In love and gratitude






    Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.

    - Napoleon Hill

    Hello beautiful goddess.

    For those of us on the spiritual path, we are called to truly 'walk our talk' every single day. And nothing has tested me for a while, like learning to drive...

    I have no shame in admitting I'm a thirty-two year old, who only just started to drive my very own car with my very own provisional licence. Once I moved out of home, I've always lived in the inner city. Public transport, taxi's, boyfriends, were always on hand to get me to where I needed to go. Driving seemed like a lot of expense and hassle (hello fear!), and so I never really made it a priority in my life.

    As a married woman wanting to start a family someday, and a business owner, I began to grow up and realise that now was the time. It may seem so trivial and everyday, driving a car, but the truth is it used to bring up a lot of resistance in me. Thanks to a relatively new sense of self belief and the unconditional support of my husband, I am now the proud owner of a shiny red car, zooming around to visit clients and friends alike. 

    Here are the gems that I learnt (re-remembered) along the way...

    1. Patience

    Sometimes, the first option you are presented with is not always the best. When I made the decision late last year to get the actual car, I decided to buy second hand online. Unfortunately, I tend to become consumed with new projects, so this meant sometimes looking when I couldn't sleep on our couch at 2am, or when I was supposed to be concentrating on work. I was convinced my dream car was out there... It seemed that I had finally found it, and so we went for a test drive. The moment I met the couple who were selling it, I got a sinking feeling. But here was the model I wanted and for a good price. So I pushed past my intuition (never a good idea!) and started to look into insurance. As a new driver, the prices companies were quoting were enough to make me reconsider the idea. And confirmed exactly why I had waited so long in getting one! 

    Eventually after a lot of hassle, and a lot of heart ache, I decided to let the car and the insurance go. It just didn't feel right. At all. Now, years ago, I would have given up at this point. Felt deflated, and put it in the 'too hard basket'. But life has taught me it is exactly at these moments that you have to dig deep, dust yourself off and have faith.

    So I let Christmas and New Year's pass by. Our family went away on holiday, and I got to recharge my batteries. The car and licence became one of my resolutions for 2015. This time however, I was prepared. My beautiful friends had provided me with much advice and strategy over the break. This time I went through a dealership, negotiated down the price, and knew which insurance company would give me the best deal. When we are excited about a new venture, it can be so tempting to push a square peg into a round hole. But the Universe, somehow, always provides when we are patient.

    2. Persistence

    Now that I had my car (aptly named 'Ganesha', Hindu God and remover of obstacles), I could practice my way into my driver's test. Oh mama... my husband deserves a medal for all the hours of practice and reverse parking he coached me through! I'd had my learner's licence since the end of high school, so I knew the basics, but my nerves and wanting to be good at it straight away were not helping (hello ego!). 

    Many, many times over those months of practice, I wanted to give up. I really wanted to throw in the towel and say "Enough! I'm terrible at this! What's the point! I don't have time for this!!!". But I didn't. I knew deep down that this licence would be a game changer in terms of independence and career opportunities (carrying yoga props on public transport is not exactly ideal). So I remembered my 'why'. The reasons why I was doing this in the first place. What getting this licence would afford me, instead of what it would cost me. 

    With my nerves a wreck (and chanting Om all the way to the driving test), I showed up. I breathed. My palms sweated. And when it came to the reverse parking section, I froze. Like a deer in headlights. All the vicious voices, fears, expectations were doing a happy naked dance around me. And I failed the test. This was not my most gracious moment as a meditation teacher and wellness coach.

    BUT. I rebooked the test for 3 weeks time. And practiced. And persisted. And remembered my why. And would you believe it... I passed, second time round.

    3. Perspiration

    So here I was, walking my talk. Being patient and persisting. But now, I was about to perspire like never before. 

    Self belief is one thing, but technology is a whole other monster. I've been driving myself to teach classes and speaking events, which already make me excited with anticipation. But my GPS system has not been behaving itself AT ALL. We've tried different softwares, reloading, restarting, you name it... When it does play up, I have to pull over and wait for it to find itself (the irony of this is not lost on me). This makes me want to scream like crazy, stamp my feet and quite frankly, freak out in general. 

    However, to my surprise, I have been (mostly) breathing through it and just trusting in the Universe to get me where I need to go, on time. It has been working, but it has definitely been trying. But showing up through the perspiration is probably one of my proudest moments to date.

    This experience has also taught me that things worth having, take time. Although it seems like a lifetime ago that I made the decision to go on this journey, it has only been 6 months. And I've come pretty damn far since then (with plenty of room of for improvement!). 

    Beautiful goddess, I'd love to hear from you in the comments below. Have you had a big spiritual test with a seemingly mundane process? I invite you to paint a picture for us below in the comments.

    Remember, other like-minded sisters come here each week for insight and inspiration. Your suggestion could be exactly what she needs to hear right now, to inspire her on her own wellness and self care journey.

    Thank you so much for reading this week’s Monday Meditation.

    In love and gratitude




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