Tom Cronin

“Fiorella’s brand The Nourishing Goddess couldn’t be more suited to her. She embodies everything she teaches and I couldn’t recommend a session with her more highly. She radiates health, lightness and joy. She’s a delight to be around!”

Tom Cronin, The Stillness Project

The Daily Guru

"I would highly recommend working with the wonderfully talented Fiorella, to all women who are wanting to carve out a bit of personal time in their life. Her approach is nourishing on so many levels - giving the mind, body and spirit time to relax and reflect upon ones needs."

- Bec Caines, The Daily Guru

"Fiorella is an anointed expression of the goddess. She is a light. She is a gift. She is a treasure who moves with an unparalleled generosity of Spirit. I remain eternally grateful to Fiorella's presence in my life and my work. Connect with her if you want to feel loved and seen and treasured unlike ever before."

- L'Erin Alta, Sister Fire

"I could feel so much love had been poured into everything - and it’s clearly obvious, Fiorella is deeply passionate about nurturing women."

- Corona Brady, Spiritual Coach

"It’s not standard practice to enlist a wellness coach to lead a sales team through guided meditation at a Sales Kick-Off conference – but we could not be happier that we did. Fiorella brought light and energy to our meeting. She allowed each employee to escape from content overload and taught us the power of taking a moment for ourselves. She was an absolute delight to work with and we look forward to partnering with her in the future."

Kendall Udoutch, Stryker Medical


"Fiorella held a 1 hour 'Introduction to Meditation' session at my co-working office. It was my first time doing any form of meditation and it was amazing! She took us through the history and basics before leading the group on a guided session. I surprised myself how well I was able to focus on the exercises with the help of Fiorella. I'd highly recommend learning more about meditation with Fiorella for both your professional and personal life, it's a great way to escape from the stresses of the day to day."

Brendan Allen, WeWork

"Fiorella presented at a Wellness event in our office recently.  She demystified meditation and made it easily accessible for the range of clients we had at the event.  No mumbo-jumbo or strange terms, just knowledgeable, gentle delivery that is going to be so useful for wellbeing in everyday life. I felt honoured to be lead through a simple and effective ten minute meditation at the end of the presentation.  Her style is unique, professional, grounded and I can’t wait to get involved in more of her sessions."

- Jo Cooper, Beaumont Consulting

"Fiorella recently spoke at our corporate Health and Wellbeing event and it was a great success among staff and clients alike. I found her to be extremely passionate and engaging, both in the way she spoke and in educating clients on the benefits of mediation to total wellbeing. She has such a positive and happy demeanour and was a calming influence over the audience especially during the guided meditation, making everyone feel relaxed and at ease. Fiorella was a breath of fresh air to have in the office and a pleasure to work with!"

- Megan Mort, Beaumont Consulting

Chriopractic Central

"Fiorella recently joined us at Chiropractic Central for our Stress and Mediation seminar. She completely calmed the room when she stood to talk, and engaged everyone there. She was very knowledgeable, and walked everyone through important awareness of breathing, yoga poses and a guided mediation, that everyone really enjoyed. She is very professional and has a beautiful energy to be around. We wouldn’t hesitate to have her in our office as a speaker again in the future."

- Sarah MacNeil, Chiropractic Central

"I feel like a different person to the anxious, sad and exhausted woman I was before my sessions began. My self-worth has grown, and for the first time in years I’m feeling excited by the future! Fiorella's non-judgemental, intuitive and nurturing nature are her best qualities. I felt I could raise any topic. The achievable exercises each fortnight helped me to stay on track. She really cares about her clients and this shines through her work. "

- Anna Burr, Wellness Coaching Client

"I was guided on a spiritual journey of discovery and selflove which is exactly what I needed for my health and wellness to organically flow on. The amount of different resources she gave me (about almost everything) was incredible. I would highly recommend Fiorella to anyone who is looking for a coach who will be there to support you 100 percent.  A coach who is organised, supportive, loving and passionate about helping you create the life you deserve. Thank you Fiorella, you are amazing!"

- Alex Campbell, Wellness Coaching Client

"I’ve seen remarkable improvements in my overall mindset about my health. One significant outcome is that I now have a daily meditation practice - something I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to achieve for more than 10 years. I’ve also worked through some personal mental blocks with the help of Fiorella’s warm and direct coaching style. What I’ve liked most is her generosity, honesty and vulnerability. I would thoroughly recommend Fiorella to anyone wanting to make changes in any area of wellness."

- Cass Russell, Wellness Coaching Client

"Fiorella has taught me that my feelings shouldn’t be hidden away and that I should always speak my truth. She is a truly amazing goddess who gives you her all. She is there for you always, giving you a sense of ease. She is extremely passionate about Women’s Wellness, she guides you, understands you and supports you on your journey. If you get a chance to work with her, say YES, as not only will you grow but she will help you SHINE!"

- Char Grant, Wellness Coaching Client

"I have made a direct link between my body and it's health issues, picked back up a regular mediation practice and realised that a lot of my anxieties stem from not feeling worthy. I now know I AM good enough (and it's slowly but surely sinking in!). Fiorella is super easy to talk to, friendly, compassionate and honest - I'm so grateful for her coming into my life and guiding me on my own journey of self-healing."

Louise Maguire, Wellness Coaching Client

"I needed someone to hold me accountable and it was so lovely being able to talk woman to woman. I'm grateful for her compassion. It was a new experience to have a person beside me who genuinely cared about my growth and quality of life. I would recommend Fiorella to any women wanting support with their goals from someone trustworthy and knowledgeable."

- Dawn Flores, Wellness Coaching Client

"After working with Fiorella, I feel much more empowered in my femininity. I trust myself much more than before. She helped me to heal my broken heart. I never felt judged, and our sessions allowed me to build strong tools to meet the world again."

Elodie Guidou, Wellness Coaching Client


"As soon as we started to chat on the first session, I felt an immediate connection, like I could really be myself and speak openly about my struggles. Fiorella works from a place of passion and genuine desire to help. She gave me so many tools to create a sustainable daily practice. Now I feel more confident, and able to live the life of my dreams, day by day."

- Alessia Gandolfo, Wellness Coaching Client

"Fiorella's energy is beautiful and you will feel that a sacred space is being held for you to develop and grow. She offers a mixture of grounded and deep soulrealisations, that open you up to a more fulfilled and nourished future. Her work is thorough and thoughtful. The yoga was deeply relaxing and created yet more space and inner light to grow with."

- Deborah Chalk, Wellness Coaching Client

"Fiorella put together a well thought out and researched Wellness Coaching program that she guided me through step by step, providing alternatives when I found that her original suggestion did not work for me. I had often read books and articles on ‘taking care of yourself’ and always found myself giving up after a week or two as I found it all too much. Fiorella gave me a realistic way to approach wellness, and gave me suggestions better suited to me personally, rather than the generic ones I had previously read.

Fiorella was open, professional and friendly and did not mind giving me real life examples of her own experiences in order to shed light on benefits or difficulties implementing new habits into her daily life. She has prepared me well for my road to wellness and I hope to work with her again when I need a new set of goals!"

- Veronique Gaudry, Wellness Coaching Client

"I’ve realized I don't need to do it all at once, and that my number one priority is to work on me first. Fiorella gives really great and simple advice to follow, so that it's doable even with a super busy schedule! The yoga sessions were also awesome for a stressed girl like me. If you want a coach who is relatable, with whom you can chat like you do a girlfriend, she’s your girl!"

- Jennifer Ledroit, Wellness Coaching Client

"It was a touching, grounding and rekindling of one's soul that we lose in today's rushing society whilst doing so much for others! The steps were perfect in line to wind down. It really made me feel so worth it!"

- Eleanor Saad, Self-Love: The Key to Wellness Attendee

"Fiorella led a fantastic workshop on self-love - she is an authentic, humble and vulnerable speaker. This creates a safe environment for women of all ages to connect with each other but also, to look inwards and deeply self reflect on their own personal journey. Carving out space to do this, and do this well, is a testament to Fiorella's passion and conviction in encouraging women to embrace the goddess within. Looking forward to the next one!"

- Jane Aslanidis, Self-Love: The Key to Wellness Attendee

"Fiorella is a truly beautiful soul sister, she shares her experiences and is so raw and real as well as gentle and inspiring and bursting with joy to share her story. Hearing her journey has inspired me to continue on my own discovery of self-love :) and i feel quite excited for this!"

- Lauren Rudder, Self-Love: The Key to Wellness Attendee


"More than ever, right now is such an important time for sisters to come together and I’m so grateful Fiorella is providing this space for us. I had the pleasure of attending Fiorella’s Goddess Sessions and WOW. I loved every bit. The evening was pure indulgence of the best kind – candlelight, soulful goddess chats, meditation, yoga, healthy treats and tea. All thoughtfully pieced together by a magical caring host.  I entered the event feeling drained after a big weeks work and left feeling renewed and like I was floating.  I can’t wait to experience this again."

- Linda Ellis, Lunch Lady Lou, The Goddess Sessions Attendee

"I came across The Goddess Sessions on Facebook one day whilst scrolling through my news feed, and instantly made a connection. I thought of my beautiful friend, and booked us in straight away, as it called out to me from behind the computer screen. I have now been to three Sessions and loved them all with a passion. The restorative yoga and meditation is so comforting, and I love being in a sacred safe environment with women from all walks of life... so interesting... so amazing... so lovely...

I thank you Fiorella for creating this space for us all to visit, enjoy and take away a beautiful sense of belonging and comfort each time."

- Lynae Watson, The Goddess Sessions Attendee


"Fiorella hosted the most divine Goddess Session I’ve ever attended. The space that she created felt safe and supported. We are able to come together and connect as women. Fiorella lead us through a delightfully restorative yoga sequence, followed by a blissful guided meditation. The shift in energy she created in us all was palpable. To describe the night in just a few words, I felt embraced, supported, enchanted and restored. I will definitely be recommending the Goddess Sessions to my friends and anyone else who wants to deeply connect with themselves and other like-minded women. Thank you so much for the amazing night – I will be back for more!" 

- Erin Williams, The Goddess Sessions Attendee


"Fiorella's Goddess Session came to me at the perfect time. On the day of the gathering, I was feeling stretched, emotional and overwhelmed but as I stepped into Fiorella's circle and met with the other women there, I felt welcome and peaceful. Fiorella is an authentic and generous spirit who provides a nurturing space for women to go deeply into themselves, or if they prefer, simply spend time connecting with other women over tea and a chat. It was a beautiful evening and I will definitely be back. Thank you Fiorella for all that you do."

- Chiara Gizzi, The Goddess Sessions Attendee

"It was my first time attending a Goddess Session and I have to admit I was a bit unsure of what to expect. I arrived pretty stressed out from a long week of work. By the end of the session, I felt so relaxed, inspired and optimistic. The yoga poses and the meditation were so calming. Definitely recommending this workshop to my friends!" 

- Aimée Kiely, The Goddess Sessions Attendee

"Fiorella exudes warmth, passion and love; yet is the ultimate professional when conducting a class with me. She works incredibly hard to create the warmest and most welcoming of environments. With great wisdom and insight, she helps people from 'all walks of like' develop skills of self reflection, discussion, meditation, peace and calm. She never fails to offer classes that are interesting and diverse (a highlight - Surya Namaskar led in Spanish).

I've also attended many of Fiorella's workshops over the years, and have always left deep in thought and with a sense of 'floating on air'. I am truly blessed to have her in my life." 

- Lynne Kohler, The Goddess Sessions Attendee

"Being a part of Fiorella's Goddess Sessions always leaves me feeling so blessed and happy to be a woman. It doesn't matter how I feel when I walk in, I always leave feeling full of love. It's surprising considering I don't always know the other women and we all come from different walks of life. I guess we all want the same thing... a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. There is no judgement in the room... just love and understanding. We listen, we laugh and we cry. It's truly lovely. Thank you Fiorella x" 

-Anita Bartolo, The Goddess Sessions Attendee

"Thank you Fiorella for that delicious Goddess Session last week. From the moment I walked in the door the space embraced me - all the worries of the week floated away as I took a place in that luscious circle of women who were all there for the same reasons I was - to replenish and restore. As someone who senses energies quite profoundly, I knew immediately what you had created there and that your intention was completely aligned and I appreciate that ! The gentle yoga was just perfect for me and helped me to get more connected to my body. Love your vision and your passion and how you deliver it - awesome..."  

- Vashti D'Vyne, The Goddess Sessions Attendee